2017 Multicultural Camp

2017 Multicultural Summer Experience

Are you an incoming 5th through 12th grade student? If so, join us for 1 week of cultural immersion and fun with friends from China!

• Chinese culture and Chinese language immersion
• Volunteer hours/certificate awarded for participation
• Multicultural collaboration and lifelong friendships
• Gain leadership experience
• Great resume builder
• Register by May 5th and receive a 50% discount!


Duration: 5 days

Intended to cover lunch and dinner during the camp

You may choose among the various camp sessions:

June 28 – July 2 (Elementary School)
July 5 – July 9 [Full]
July 8 – July 12 [Full]
July 12 – July 16 [Full]
July 13 – July 17 (Elementary School) [Full]
July 13 – July 17 [Full]
July 17 – July 21 [Full]
July 19 – July 23 [Full]
July 20 – July 24 [Full]
July 21 – July 25 [Full]
July 22 – July 26 [Full]
July 26 – July 30 [Full]
July 27 – July 31 [Full]
July 28 – August 1 [Full]
July 31 – August 4 [Cancelled]
August 3 – August 7 [Full]
August 13 – August 17 [Full]

*Please Note: If you are only able to participate in one of the “full” sections of the camp, please send an email to arudd@iperc.org to see if any space has become available.

Where: Bexley High School and Ohio State University

Program Highlights:
• Short-term courses in math, science, English, art, as well as others.
• Opportunities for ambassadors to lead activities, meanwhile gaining leadership experience.
• Field Trips to natural landmarks (Hocking Hills) and historical locations (Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Statehouse)
• Ohio State University tour and activities.
• IPERC bilingual chaperones & teachers accompany the students and keep them safe during the entire trip.

The purpose of the cultural immersion experience is to allow students to collaborate with their Chinese counterparts through academic activities, educational travel, and leisure-based excursions. Students will have the opportunity to develop their global perspective, enhance their understanding of Chinese culture, receive awards, build their resume, participate in educationally based activities and travel, and have 5 days of fun with students from across the world!

Dinner Experience: Part of the cultural exchange involves a family dinner with the Chinese students! On Day 3 of the itinerary, each participant is required to bring home 4 Chinese students for a family dinner. Not only is this a wonderful opportunity for the students to experience an American family dinner, but your family will also have a chance to learn more about Chinese life and culture through one-on-one interaction.


Day 1
Morning: Orientation/Welcome Party
Afternoon: Visit Ohio Statehouse

Day 2
Morning: Courses with partners from China (English, Art, Math or Science)
Afternoon: Visit Ohio’s Scenic Wonderland, Hocking Hills,
and participate in guided activities

Day 3
Morning: English class with partners from China; Ohio State University tour
Afternoon: Learn Chinese Calligraphy and participate in
activities with OSU’s Astronomy Department
Evening: Take 4 students home for dinner with your family!

Day 4
Morning: Courses with partners from China (English, Art, Math or Science)
Afternoon: Dayton Air Force Museum

Day 5
Morning: Courses with partners from China (English, Art, Math or Science)
Afternoon: Activities with OSU’s Department of Engineering
Late Afternoon: Closing/awards ceremony


Who is IPERC? IPERC is an educational exchange organization located in Columbus, OH that promotes cultural exchange and immersion throughout the United States and China. IPERC currently works with many Ohio schools to offer educational opportunities.

How do I get more information on the summer program? Contact Allie Rudd at arudd@iperc.org or 646-657-3415 with any questions regarding the summer experience.

How soon should I register? The sooner the better! Based on last year’s participation, it is expected that the camps will reach capacity. If you and your friends are interested in joining, make sure to secure your spots as soon as possible!

How do I register: To register, please visit www.iperc.org/home/2017-multicultural-summer-experience-application-form/ and fill out the registration page. Once registered, Allison Rudd will be in touch regarding additional paperwork (e.g. participant agreement, student code of conduct, etc.), payment, and updates (including the detail itinerary) as the camp approaches.

When and where should we pick up our student(s) each day?
Day 1:
9:00 AM Drop off at Bexley High School
6:30 PM Pick up at Bexley High School
Day 2:
9:00 AM Drop off at Bexley High School
6:30 PM Pick up at Bexley High School
Day 3:
9:00 AM Drop off at OSU
5:15 PM Pick up at OSU to bring home 4 students for Dinner
8:00 PM Drop off Chinese students at Days Inn Columbus Airport
Day 4:
9:00 AM Drop off at Bexley High School
6:30 PM Pick up at Bexley High School
Day 5:
9:00 AM Drop off at Bexley High School
5:00 PM Pick up at OSU