Sister Schools

Sister Schools

So far, IPERC has established active partnerships with more than 40 schools throughout China and more than 50 schools in the U.S.

In our efforts to connect schools in the U.S. and China, we hope to encourage student-to-student connections, build cultural awareness, and provide schools with resources for teachers and students alike.

We personally visit every school in our network to ensure that they are ideal partner schools for our students. Our goal is to build sustainable connections with schools in the U.S. and China that will make a meaningful and long lasting impact on our students.


There are hundreds of ways your school, classroom, and students can get involved via our sister school program.

    • Design a project with your sister school.
    • Arrange a visit for school administrators, faculty, and students.
    • Utilize online teaching support and resources, discuss scientific experiments, collaborate on online projects, and learn about cultural differences.
    • Practice and develop English/Chinese language skills via a pen pal program.
    • Participate in an international science fair or book club.
    • Create “who we are” cultural reports and packages to exchange with a classroom across the world.
    • Connect with a teacher to share teaching methods and tools.
    • Share assignments, lesson plans, and resources that foster the relationship between students across borders.


Through our international exchange program, we can help you increase your enrollment by providing pre-screened and culturally prepared Chinese students. Many students who choose to attend an American high school will study in that school for multiple years. IPERC will work with you and your staff to provide constant support and assistance to ensure a positive experience for everyone involved.
IPERC services:

  • We provide a student placement coordinator from the IPERC Office that works directly for your school to send pre-screened and highly qualified students to your campus.
  • Our coordinator will conduct phone interviews with your staff and prospective students.
  • IPERC Representatives recruit and screen host families and conduct in-home interviews.
  • Criminal background checks on all adult host family members.
  • Advance payment of tuition through our U.S. bank to limit the confusion involved with international banking.
    Host family stipends that are sent monthly from the IPERC Office.
  • An IPERC representative who is always available to give support for student disciplinary issues, probation letters, and host family concerns.