Global Leadership

IPERC sponsors trips for school representatives to visit China. From collaborating with Chinese educators to developing sister-school relationships with schools in China, participants have the opportunity to make meaningful connections that promote international cooperation and communication. Additionally, schools have the opportunity to recruit and interview potential international students and join sightseeing activities.



Build Sister School Relationships

IPERC will assist in building a bridge of friendship between schools around the world. Each Sister School relationship is specifically tailored to fit the academic interests and goals of your school, and we will help you to sign a Memorandum of Cooperation with your sister school.


School Visits and Educational Collaboration

One of the highlights of the Global Leadership trip are the school visits, where educators have the opportunity to meet with school representatives, engage in educational discussion with educators, observe classes, and talk with students about their educational experiences. Educators will also participate in student led cultural activities such as calligraphy, music and dance, paper cutting, and more.


Student Recruitment Sessions
For private school partners, school representatives conduct in-person interviews with students interested in attending high school abroad. This opportunity to recruit students directly while traveling abroad is invaluable to many schools and they offer a much more holistic view of the student and his or her application.



No Global Leadership trip would be complete without a tour of the country’s most famous landmarks. A portion of every trip is devoted to sightseeing so participants can learn more about the culture and history of a country while enjoying many incredible sights.


Principal Training

In December 2019, IPERC welcomed a group of principals and educators from the Jinhua school district in the Zhejiang province of China, which is about a 1.5-hour high-speed train from Shanghai. Jinhua school district consists of 2,102 K-12 schools and over 1.1 million K-12 students and 86,000 teachers.

Jinhua Principal Group

During their visit, the group of principals visited and attended teacher trainings, lectures, and met with educators from The Ohio State University, Pickerington City Schools (OH) UCLA, University of California San Diego and the Los Angeles Unified School District.