Hutchison School China Trip

Duration: 11 days

Destinations: Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai

Departure of Trip: May 29th to June 8th

School Exchange Activities


Program Highlights

This program includes:

  • Activities with Chinese students may include STEM-related activities (robotics discussions, building challenges, planetarium visits, etc.), Athletic activities (table tennis, martial arts, etc.), Culture activities (cultural discussions, tea pouring, etc.), Art activities (paper-cutting, calligraphy, traditional painting, Chinese dance and music, wax building, etc.)
  • Field trips and sight-seeing, which include carefully selected tours of world famous landmarks and historically and culturally significant locations
  • Cultural exchange through interacting with Chinese friends/partner schools
  • Authentic Chinese food and entertainment
  • Community service opportunity to teach primary school children English language and cultural immersion:
  • Opportunity to interact with Chinese family and eat dinner with a Chinese host family. Host families are very friendly and pre-screened by IPERC partner school
  • Meals are a combination of Chinese and Western food. Participants will have the chance to taste many famous traditional Chinese foods such as Peking Duck, Shanghai pan-fried buns, and much, much more

Tentative Itinerary

  • Day 1&2 May 29 Monday & May 30 Tuesday US – Beijing

Flight to Beijing (about 13 hours)
Afternoon: Arrive at Beijing and meet IPERC staff at the airport.
Then, travel to downtown Beijing and check into the hotel
Evening: Welcome dinner hosted by IPERC Foundation Beijing Office
Accommodation: Beijing Wanfangyuan Hotel

  • Day 3 May 31 Wednesday Beijing

Morning: Visit Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City
Afternoon: Lao She Teahouse (Acrobat Show, Beijing Opera, Chinese Talk Show, etc.)
Shop at Nanluogu Xiang and experience Beijing’s Hutong culture
Evening: Peking Duck dinner
Accommodation: Beijing Wanfangyuan Hotel

  • Day 4 June 1 Thursday Beijing

Morning: Visit the Great Wall
Afternoon: Visit Beijing Olympic Park: Bird Nest and Water Cube
Evening: Karaoke Party
Accommodation: Beijing Wanfangyuan Hotel

  • Day 5 June 2 Friday Beijing – Hangzhou

Morning: Wangfujing Street Visit and Shopping
Afternoon: 798 Arts Zone
Evening: Fly to Hangzhou (2.5 hours CA1706 PEKHGH 650P 910P-TBD)
Accommodation: Hangzhou Gowin Hotel

  • Day 6 June 3 Saturday Hangzhou

Morning: Hangzhou City tour and visit West Lake
Afternoon: Shop and experience Hefang Street
Accommodation: Hangzhou Gowin Hotel

  • Day 7 June 4 Sunday Hangzhou

All-day: Visit Xitang Ancient Watertown: Yanyu Gallery, Wadang Museum, Zuiyuan gallery, etc.
Accommodation: Hangzhou Gowin Hotel

  • Day 8 June 5 Monday Hangzhou

Morning & Afternoon: School Visit ,Interact with Chinese host students*
Evening: Visit host family and eat dinner together
Accommodation: Hangzhou Gowin Hotel

  • Day 9 June 6 Tuesday Hangzhou outskirts- Community Service – Shanghai

Morning: Prepare to teach English to primary school students
Afternoon: Teach English to primary school students
Evening: Ride high speed train to Shanghai
Accommodation: Shanghai Hongkou Kingtown Hotel

  • Day 10 June 7 Wednesday Shanghai

Morning: Visit middle school and activities with Chinese students*
Afternoon: Yuyuan Garden and the famous Nanjing Road
Evening: Shanghai Bund Night View
Accommodation: Shanghai Hongkou Kingtown Hotel

  • Day 11 June 8 Thursday Shanghai – US

Morning: Free time/ packing
Fly to and arrive in US same calendar day