Global leadership

Global Leadership

Global Leadership is an educational program that provides opportunities for Chinese and U.S. educators to exchange their ideas and improve student achievement in both countries.

  • School Visiting
  • Recruitment Seminars and Information Session
  • Educational Leadership Idea Exchange
  • Chinese Culture Exploration
  • Sightseeing














Participants have the opportunity to tour multiple  cities in China, experience Chinese culture, visit  Chinese schools, and collaborate on educational  initiatives.


The purpose is to enhance  communication and cooperation at  different levels between U.S. and  Chinese educators by creating  partnerships and personal connections  that facilitate collaborations.


IPERC has a network of educational  institutions in China to develop and fund the  global leadership program that supports  superintendents, school principals, world  language department chairs, etc. to visit China  and their educational partners.


“The two weeks I spent traveling through China (December 2-December 14) taught me so much about a country that I previously knew so little about.  The IPERC staff from the Beijing office –Dido, Mike, Forest, Lily, and Alvin– as well as Jennifer from the Columbus office, did everything possible to ensure that my experience in China was a comfortable and memorable one.  While my eyes were opened to China’s rich cultural history, what I found to be most memorable were my experiences with the students, who show admirable courage and passion to study and gain valuable cultural experiences of their own in the United States.  IPERC is certainly doing all the right things to give both American and Chinese students and educators opportunities to be immersed in a kind of learning that goes well beyond the confines of the traditional classroom walls.  This type of global approach to education is invaluable as we prepare our future world leaders for life in a global society.”

– Patrick Gallagher

St. Ignatius High School

Cleveland Ohio


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