IPERC Partner School

IPERC Education Partner Community: Program Overview

Join the IPERC Foundation education partner community and become a member school. It is a free service provided by IPERC and partner schools will have the privileges to take part in a wide variety of international education programs sponsored by IPERC. Whether you are interested in long-term exchanges, or a range of cultural immersion opportunities, we will create a program specifically designed to tailor your school’s interest and needs. We are committed to provide our partner schools and students with rich and fruitful global education experiences.

Current Programs

IPERC organizes and sponsors trips to China for school leadership to develop connections with schools in China, recruit and interview students, and tour prominant cultural and geographical sites.

IPERC organizes trips for American students to visit China and for Chinese student to visit American schools as a part of the cultural and educational exchange experiences to help students at young age to develop a global perspective of the world around us.

IPERC assists US schools to develop partnership programs with top-tier k-12 schools in China. To maintain an effective partner program, IPERC also helps the partner schools to implement and further develop a wide range of collaborative projects of their interest.

IPERC assists schools in recruiting and managing tuition paid F-1 students. From host family recruitment to offering 24/7 emergency assistance, IPERC provides continuing support for students, schools, and host families through out their education and hosting period.

IPERC helps partner schools develop innovative dual-degree global campus programs that can bring sustained tuition income to US partner schools with zero investment and minimal changes to their existing education systems. The dual-degree programs include both on-site and off-site options and offers uniquely blended opportunities for students from both countries to develop substantitive international education profiles to springboard their future learning and career.

IPERC sponsors a wide range of education research in K-12 schools through our collaborating partners at the Ohio State University. The research has been emphasizing on the discovery and implementation of new education methods and pedagogy to promote the 21st century teaching and learning in K-12 schools. It is our mission to transform our classrooms and to support 21st Century Education through effective and systemic integration of education innovations, inquiry based curriculum, formative and constructive assessment, education technology, professional development & teacher training, and effective STEAM outreach.