Partner Service

Partner Service

IPERC International Foundation devotes its efforts to increasing the international profile of its Partner Schools and enabling them to offer the programs and services needed to become a top choice for international student applicants. IPERC works with you to establish and perfect your International Student Program (ISP), whether you are beginning this initiative or looking to enhance your existing program. We are dedicated to building an exclusive, unique, long-term, and on-going partnership with your school.

The Benefits of IPERC

Starting an international program can seem daunting. However, working to achieve a global school that recognizes and accepts diversity is an increasingly advantageous proposition. Schools and countries are becoming more integrated and diverse every day and being on the cutting-edge of development is inherently necessary; but, the question we hear all the time is, “Where do I start?” The paperwork, regulations, legislation, and confusing bureaucratic red tape can prove difficult to sort through. Even after figuring out all of the details, trying to build connections and establishing yourself as an integrated, inclusive, and encompassing school can be increasingly difficult. An all-inclusive program that provides adequate resources can be overwhelming for a newly established initiative, but IPERC can help. Working in collaboration with IPERC offers a number of advantages, including experience in international affairs, staff who can answer questions, and a contact person that will walk you through step-by-step. Ultimately, IPERC strives to make starting or maintaining your international program easier.


IPERC can be a vital asset if you’re thinking about establishing an international program at your school. We have expert knowledge in the necessary paperwork, sample policies, procedures, and finances to get all aspects of your program working smoothly. Whether it’s I-20 forms, school expectations, or application processes, IPERC can provide guidance on the materials needed and relevant timelines. We will provide step-by-step instructions on all the work that needs to be done to get an international program up and running.

IPERC can help schools in America set up Chinese language programs for their own students to help cultivate a well-rounded and diverse student experience. In addition, IPERC can help your school find language teachers or connect you to online learning programs that will allow students to earn credit for Chinese language courses. Chinese is widely spoken and knowledge of this language is highly advantageous for students who look to participate in the global job market after they have finished their schooling. IPERC helps facilitate all-encompassing trips to and from China for American students; these trips provide students with the opportunity to visit Chinese cities, high schools, and historical landmarks firsthand.


IPERC has a worldwide network of contacts who provide a continuous supply of students interested in the American education system. We carefully consider each applicant to provide the best possible fit for both the school and the student. IPERC conducts a thorough analysis of students, including: test scores, personality assessments, and any additional tests as determined by a particular school. We screen all of the student’s family to answer their questions and ensure that they understand the process.


IPERC builds comprehensive marketing campaigns for each of our partners and specifically tailors them to generate interest among students in the target region. Our dedication to understanding your school’s image and identity allows us to develop marketing materials that are faithful, accurate, and effective. An IPERC International Foundation Marketing Package incorporates a variety of elements to reach the widest possible pool of interested.

Educational Resources

IPERC provides resources for students and schools to develop their own program and to help students excel in a new environment. One of the difficult aspects for the schools to overcome is how to cover the transition from the Chinese education system to the American education system. IPERC sets up individualized help during after school hours to get the student to where he or she needs to be. This One-on-One tutoring is with a native English speaker and is just one important resource that IPERC provides.

IPERC also provides supplemental material for classroom purposes that allows students and teachers help bridge cultural differences and give the student some perspective on what is being discussed in class. We focus on providing students and teachers with all of the material they need to help students succeed, based on our professional research reports.

Institutional Support

When functioning as an addition to our member schools, IPERC provides advice, counsel and sharing of existing resources in several areas. One important feature of support we provide is college advisement as we consult and offer suggestions on how to best provide the desired college placement service for the international students. We also assist with applications, transcripts and college visits. IPERC also hosts regular social activities and meeting times which are open to all of our member schools. We also provide phone and email support for any questions or emergencies that may arise. Problems do occur but IPERC will be here to help sort out whatever happens. Our member schools are assigned a primary IPERC contact who will work with you and provide any information you need.

Extracurricular Resources

IPERC understands that learning should not end when the students leave the classroom. Education should be a fun and interactive experience that helps students apply material learned in class to real world problems. For this reason, IPERC hosts a variety of camps and competitions that work to take the education out of the textbook and put it to use. IPERC has hosted engineering competitions that allows students to build their own roller coasters and we have hosted science and math fairs that bring learning to life. IPERC also provides summer camp programs, educational field trips and one-year exchange program in which our students and schools can participate.

Cultural Adjustment

Part of IPERC’s success is that the relationship between the school and our organization does not end once we have placed a student in your care. We provide continuing support by helping make the transition from one culture to another. International students can have a hard time getting used to a new environment and IPERC helps to ease the transition. IPERC provides direct contact with natural parents back in China and gives its Partner Schools firsthand feedback from the student, and parent’s perspective.

Summer Preparation Programs

The IPERC provides several educational opportunities including summer camp programs. During our camps, students will learn about American culture, education system and how to adjust to a different environment. These programs also help with academic readiness, test preparation and college advisement issues. We want our students to have a smooth and easy adjustment to living in America so we provide these additional programs to ease the transition and avoid culture shock.

Faculty and Staff Orientation

We help your faculty and staff understand the importance of different cultural values and how best to support students who are new to America. This includes orientations on how to understand study habits, expectations for learning, strengths, weaknesses and the goals of parents and students. Our students are motivated to do great things so we help your faculty and staff understand how best to help students obtain their goals to the best of their ability. Through orientation, we strive to bridge the differences in attitude, culture and mindset for students and teachers. Teachers will learn about the Chinese culture, education system and will learn how they can adjust their classes to fit the needs of the student while still maintaining a productive learning atmosphere for all of the students. IPERC will also provide support to faculty and staff who are struggling to find out the best way to integrate a lesson plan for international students or who find that unexpected difficulties have arisen that they are not sure how to handle.

Host Family Information

Providing an environment that is conducive to learning does not end when the school bell rings at the end of the day. An important aspect of the student’s stay will be the learning opportunities they receive while living with a new family. If your school chooses to find their own host families, IPERC will help with information to new host families, conflict resolution for any issues that may arise, suggested policies and procedures from the student’s parents and much more. It is our goal to make the transition from their family in China to their new living arrangements in the United States as easy as possible.

If your school would prefer, IPERC will help identify and contact potential host families within your community and establish a network of individuals and families who would be willing to take in your students. Finding multiple families that can provide adequate care is a daunting task but IPERC can provide any support necessary depending on your needs and wants.


We realize that managing an international student program requires dedication and that unforeseen challenges can arise during the year. With this in mind, The IPERC International Foundation provides ongoing support services to our partners:

  • 24/7 Availability:
    Our Program Consultants are there to help whenever you need them. Your staff is provided with the direct phone line number, direct email address, and cellular phone number for your Consultant so you can always get in touch with us. Furthermore, our overseas teams are available in additional time zones to communicate with students’ parents at any time.
  • Communication and Translation
    Our staff is available to facilitate communication between your school and the parents of your students through conference calls and written reports.
  • Feedback:
    Our staff provides your school with regular feedback on its position in foreign markets and advises you on how to enhance your marketability. Moreover, your Program Consultant is interested in receiving your feedback on our services. Your opinion is valued and allows us to grow and evolve as an organization.