Program Highlights


IPERC F1 Program Highlights

1IPERC is a non-profit organization with the mission to promote effective innovation and international communication in education. Our current programs focus on connecting educators and students from emerging powers such as China and the US. Our mission is to provide students with a life-long and quality education, to help students develop self-respect, independence, teamwork, and critical thinking, and to cultivate strong morals and a heightened sense of social responsibility. Thus, we are dedicated to helping our students achieve excellence as global citizens. In collaboration with the Center for China-U.S. Education Research and Exchange (CUEE) at Ohio State University, we reach out to K-12 schools that are interested in developing and growing their international programs. With the purpose of increased research and cross-cultural collaboration in the educational realm, we strive to provide schools with educationally sound and beneficial programs to enhance the overall educational and cross-cultural experience of the students, staff, and community. IPERC focuses on helping students gain a successful American high school experience; therefore, we offer students in the IPERC F1 High School Program support in the following five aspects:

  • Student Recruitment
  • Services in China
  • Services in the U.S.
  • Academic and living support
  • Individual services

Student Recruitment
Each applicant is carefully evaluated and considered. The students apply from a variety of schools and sending agencies all throughout China, so it is imperative that we carefully screen each and every student. Therefore, we evaluate test scores, administer personality assessments, and carefully consider family information prior to accepting a student. Our goal is to ensure that the students are a good match for the school; therefore, we consider whether or not your school offers an ESL program, what your specialties are, and how their personality will fit with your school mission and student body. Additionally, we carefully evaluate student work ethic in order to provide your school with students who will be willing to go above and beyond to master the material presented in their academic classes, regardless of their English language abilities.

1. Components of the Screening Process:
• IPERC Application Form
• Transcripts
• English Proficiency Test Scores
• Student & Parent Interviews

Services in China
1. IPERC F1 High School Student Handbook
Every student in the IPERC F1 High School Program will receive a handbook detailing all of the necessary information he or she will need as an international student. This handbook includes topics such as airport transfer, going through customs, the differences between Chinese and U.S. culture, a brief introduction to U.S. education, and how to live happily with their host families.2

2. Three meetings for one-on one orientation before departure
IPERC’s China office provides three meetings for one-on-one orientation with the students in China, which focus on U.S. high school learning skills, essential vocabulary, cultural differences, and dealing with conflicts. Orientation includes videos and examples of previous IPERC students to help future students anticipate problems that might occur, as well as in-depth discussions to allow them to feel confident in their decision to move to the U.S.3

3. Host Family and Student Match-Up
IPERC identifies, contacts, and screens potential host families within each school community, and we do background checks through a company called CLEARSTAR to ensure the safety of students. Our host family coordinators pay visits to each potential host family to get to know them. Additionally, we match families with students according to their interests, personalities, living habits, etc. Lastly, we connect host families and natural parents to facilitate ongoing communication.

4. Preparing for School
The IPERC students are provided with all summer homework assignments, including summer reading. They are given guidelines and told what the school’s expectations are for the start of the year. In this way, students are able to jump right in upon arrival. Additionally, students are provided with the school’s rules and handbook, and they are expected to translate important sections to ensure they are fully aware of the school policies prior to arrival.
5. Host Family Orientation
IPERC provides a host family orientation for each school community before the school year starts. The orientation includes cultural adjustment, differences in parenting, conflict resolution, and understanding the students. We also invitesomeexperienced host parents to share their stories. Through offering these orientations, families also have the chance to get to know each other, strengthening the international community at the school.

Services in the U.S.
1. Airport Pick-Up
Our coordinators will be at the airport with the host family to pick up students, and the IPERC China office keeps students’ natural parents updated to make sure students arrive at their host family safe and sound.6
2. Life Guidance
IPERC life guidance includes:

  • Host family escort service: coordinators will accompany the students to their host families’ houses upon arrival.
  • Living facilities service: teach students how to use the everyday living facilities, such as washing machines, dryers, toilets, kitchen facilities, etc.
  • SIM card service: coordinators will prepare a U.S. SIM card for each student.
  • Bank account service: our coordinators will help students who are over 16-years-old get a bank account.
  • Community infrastructure explanation: coordinators take the students to see the nearby restaurants, libraries, clinics, shopping centers, supermarkets, banks, post offices, playgrounds, and so on.

3. Guidance on Enrollment and Course Selection
Coordinators accompany students on the first day to school in order to help them with enrollment procedures and getting to know the school campus. In the meantime, coordinators give students guidance on course selection, which is relatively difficult for international students. We explain the courses they may choose from according to their interests and English level. In this way, we help ensure their GPA is high and representative of their ability.8

Academic and living support
1. Dual Coordinators
Each student in our program is assigned to two full-time coordinators. One is a host family coordinator whose responsibility is to communicate with the host family, and the other is a student coordinator who is responsible for taking care of the student’s academic issues. Both of the coordinators are available 24/7 to help students.
2. Biweekly Meeting
Coordinators meet with students every two weeks either over phone or in person to discuss how they are doing and address any potential home or academic issues.
3. Monthly report
Every month, each student receives a monthly report, which is given to his or her natural parents. This report is essential in ensuring that students do not fall behind in any given area. Our goal is to provide an exceedingly positive experience while they are in the United States, which includes a variety of aspects. By tracking their progress on many fronts, we are able to catch issues (e.g. homesickness, course difficulties, etc.) before they become overly problematic.

The report includes three parts:

  • Host family report
  • Academic report
  • Photos of the month

4. Quarterly Gathering
Each quarter, IPERC organizes a party or celebration activity for the students in our program and their host families. In this way, students may experience the traditional Chinese and American festival atmosphere and get to know each other better. This also helps the hosting community to better understand their student’s culture.10

5. Birthday Wishes
IPERC celebrates each student’s birthday with a sweet message, also sending him or her a small gift. Meanwhile, we remind the host family to give a student a surprise on his or her birthday.11

6. College Planning
Based on English level, overall achievement, and interest, we help each student design an individual college application plan, remind them to take standard tests, and help them communicate with their host families. In addition, we help them to arrange college visits.

7. IPERC Student Management Platform
The platform can be accessed very easily by logging in through our website. We assign each student, his or her host family, and the natural family an account. It provides a way for students and their parents to know their progress.

8. Tutoring
IPERC provides one-on-one tutoring for students who are struggling with their academics in addition to students who are looking to receive higher scores on standardized tests.13

Individual services
1. One Hour/Day Online Q&A
Every weekday evening we have two tutors online to answer students’ questions.

2. Featured Training
For those students who are interested in STEM areas, IPERC will assign university professors to guide students in these subjects in order to better prepare them for college and their futures. For examples, students can receive specialized training and help registering for national competitions such as the PhysicsBowl, Intel Competitions, Mathcounts, and others.14