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IPERC works with K-12 schools interested in developing and growing their international programs. Schools and countries are becoming more integrated and diverse every day, and being on the cutting-edge of development is necessary. IPERC’s all-inclusive program increases the international profile of your school and serves to establish the programs and services needed to become a top choice for international student applicants.

Whole School Programs

Establishing a Program

Starting an international program can seem daunting, but IPERC can be a vital asset. The paperwork, regulations, legislation, and confusing bureaucratic red tape can prove difficult to sort through, but we have the resources and expertise to get all aspects of your program working smoothly. Whether it’s I-20 forms, school expectations, or application processes, IPERC can provide guidance on the materials needed and step-by-step instructions on cultivating a well-rounded and diverse student experience.


IPERC builds comprehensive marketing campaigns for each of our partners and specifically tailors them to generate interest among students in the target region. Our dedication to understanding your school’s image and identity allows us to develop marketing materials that are faithful, accurate, and effective. An IPERC International Marketing Package incorporates a variety of elements to reach the widest possible pool of potential applicants, including:

School Songs: IPERC will write and compose a catchy and compelling song, whose lyrics, along with the video, paint a clear picture of the school’s individuality and unique aspects. The song is gripping and evokes the image and spirit of a world class high school.

Virtual Reality Tour: Students will take a virtual reality tour of your school using our computer simulation school program. Students will put on our VR glasses and instantly be transported into the halls of your school. They will be able to walk through the doors, and in the classroom, quickly becoming acquainted with your school before they even arrive.

Interactive Flyer: In addition to using a traditional flyer to promote our partner schools, we use high tech interactive flyers that illustrate the quality of our schools. These digital flyers highlight a school’s technology, business, and international student programs. They also inform the parents of prospective students that this school is a top-quality Blue-Ribbon School and has been endorsed by the US Department of Education as a first-class school.

Feeder School Recruitment Activities: We help our F1 schools find partner schools overseas, which can act as feeder schools, allowing them to obtain high quality international students. These schools create special courses for the students who intend to apply to western schools, ensuring that they are fully prepared for the academic rigor of your school.


IPERC has a worldwide network of contacts who provide a continuous supply of highly-qualified students interested in attending western schools. Our goal is to provide the best possible fit for both the school and the student. Each applicant is carefully evaluated through a thorough analysis of test scores, personality assessments, and any additional tests as determined by a particular school. Additionally, we carefully evaluate student work ethic in order to provide your school with students who will be willing to go above and beyond in order to master the material presented in their academic classes, regardless of their English language abilities.

Sister School Program

IPERC’s Sister School program assists in developing multifaceted relationships between students, teachers, and administrators in K-12 schools around the world. IPERC personally visits every school in our network and each Sister School relationship is specifically tailored to fit the academic interests and goals of your school.


In understanding the importance of donations in supporting private schools, IPERC strives to help translate this importance to international students and their families. Given that it is just in recent years that many families are financially able to donate, we are working to bridge the gap between cultures in order to build long-lasting relationships and help fulfill a need. Services in this program include contact and communication with the families and planning for outreach, such as fundraising trips.

Programs for Teachers/Administrators:

Teaching Development

Educators have the opportunity to travel abroad on a partially sponsored teaching development trip. The purpose of this trip is to help educators develop a deeper understanding of other cultures, an understanding which underlies a better knowledge on how to best teach international students. This kind of knowledge would be helpful in light of the rapidly growing international student market. This program is still in its development stages.

Global Leadership

School administrators and/or teachers have the opportunity to travel abroad on a fully sponsored trip. The purpose of this program is to allow educators from the east and west to form connections, discuss educational initiatives, and encourage cooperation. These trips are sponsored by IPERC, and educators have the opportunity to sightsee while visiting sister schools and meeting face-to-face with educators from around the world. These trips usually take place at the end of the school year, from early to mid-June.

Faculty and Staff Orientation

We help your faculty and staff understand the importance of different cultural values and how best to support students who are new to the school. This includes orientations to understand study habits, expectations for learning, strengths, weaknesses and the goals of parents and students. Our students are motivated to do great things, so we help your faculty and staff understand how best to help students obtain their goals to the best of their ability. Through orientations, we strive to bridge the differences in attitude, culture and mindset for students and teachers. Teachers will learn about the student’s culture, education system and will learn how they can adjust their classes to fit the needs of the student while still maintaining a productive learning atmosphere for all of their students. IPERC also provides support to faculty and staff who may need assistance with integrating lesson plans for international students or addressing unexpected difficulties.

Programs for Students:

The relationship between the school and our organization does not end once we have placed a student in your care. IPERC provides continuing support, advice, counsel and resources that help schools develop their own programs which focus on helping international students make the transition to their new school and excel in a new environment. Each member school is assigned a primary IPERC contact who will work one-on-one to assist you in developing and maintaining your international program.


IPERC provides our students with access to well-qualified tutors that work one-on-one with students to help them engage and understand topics covered in the classroom. IPERC tutors can work closely with the student’s school teachers to provide the best assistance. Tutoring is available for every subject as needed, including difficult, AP, college prep, and standardized tests classes.

Cultural Adjustment

It may be quite difficult to adjust to a completely different culture. For this program, IPERC students meet up monthly or bimonthly (or as needed) with an IPERC representative who helps them with any cultural, social, or academic challenges they may face. IPERC is also available at any time if an emergent problem arises. We have found that the students who have this support system often adjust faster and better to life in the west.


IPERC provides specialized assistance for international students in applying for internships and/or other job opportunities. IPERC has connections in most academic and interest fields, allowing us to provide help in finding student internship opportunities in a variety of subjects.

Special Activities/Opportunities

In addition to assisting with internships, IPERC also provides comprehensive information about various volunteer opportunities and extracurricular activities for students to participate inside and outside of school. Diverse experiences are available for different academic interests. For example, IPERC might help a student volunteer at a pet shelter or community kitchen. Students could pursue a shadowing experience at a hospital or attend a business learning summer camp. IPERC will also help to arrange for students to spend some time in another state or another country. IPERC can help students find countless ways to have an enriching experience.

College Applications

IPERC assists our students who are interested in pursuing higher education in the US with the college application process. This program includes, but is not limited to, help with such things as academics (during school), college visits, standardized tests preparation, interest evaluation, application enhancement opportunities (extracurriculars, special interest activities, etc.), application completion, letters of recommendation, and essay writing.Educational Resources

Host Family Program

Providing an environment that is conducive to learning does not end when the school bell rings at the end of the day. An important aspect of the student’s stay will be the learning opportunities they receive while living with a new family. If your school chooses to find its own host families, IPERC will provide orientations that address topics such as, cultural adjustment, differences in parenting, conflict resolution, understanding international students, and more.

If your school prefers, IPERC will help recruit host families within the community and establish a network of individuals and families who are willing to take in your students. Finding multiple families that can provide adequate care is a daunting task but IPERC can provide any support necessary depending on your needs and wants.

For the safety of our students, IPERC pre-screens and performs yearly background checks on all host families prior to placing a student in the home. Students and families are matched according to their interests, personalities, living habits, etc., and both a local student and host family coordinator are available 24-7 to help with any problems that arise between the family, the student and his or her high school.

Boarding Schools

For schools that do not offer host family services, IPERC will work directly with your school to recruit highly-qualified students, and the school will also have access to all our previously mentioned services. For each student we recruit successfully, we require a commission be offered for each year the student is enrolled. Our standard agreement with boarding schools is 15% for the first year of enrollment, followed by 10% for every year of re-enrollment. For students attending boarding schools, we do not charge any additional fees for our service and depend solely on the commission received from boarding schools to cover our operating costs and expenses.

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