Sister School


IPERC’s Sister School program assists in developing multifaceted relationships between students, teachers, and administrators in K-12 schools around the world. IPERC personally visits every school in our network and each Sister School relationship is specifically tailored to fit the academic interests and goals of your school.


Benefits for Student

Research has shown that Sister School programs allow students to develop a multitude of skills that are increasingly valuable in our globalized world. These include:

Intercultural Awareness

Increased Global Awareness

Deeper Understanding of One’s Own Culture





Benefits for Educators

Through interactions with your Sister School, the scope of learning can be transformed as educators are able to share and develop new learning and evaluation strategies

Educators often work together with their counterparts in other countries to discuss curriculum design and other issues they face as educators, giving them a unique and refreshing perspective.

Benefits for School and Administrators

Developing a Sister School relationship improves each school’s international presence and prestige, while allowing many opportunities for professional development

Administrators will have the opportunity to travel abroad on an IPERC funded trip to visit their sister school

Administrators are able to meet and interview students at their sister school who could potentially become international exchange students.

Sister School Visits

In the winter and fall, IPERC offers short-term exchange programs that bring international students to the U.S. and other western countries. During each visit, students and teachers visit their sister school and participate in a shadowing program with current students. Included in each visit are sightseeing trips, STEM courses, host family activities, and lots of fun!



Current and Past Sister School Activities

Underwater robotics,

Roller Coaster

CO2 Cars

3D Printing

Holiday Wishes

PenPal Program

Bridge Design

Panda Research Class

Who We Are” Videos

International Science & Book Fairs

Foreign Language Classes

Exchange Teaching Methods and Tools

School Visits