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Founded in 1896 in Albuquerque, New Mexico (U.S.A.), Menaul School is a renowned private secondary school with a long and rich history that, in 2013, was granted permission by the Chinese Government to establish the Menaul School Taiyuan in Shanxi Province, also known as Menaul School Qingdao (MSQ). Menaul School Qingdao is the first renowned international school in China with noteworthy academic standards that integrates American education, Chinese education, and the best practices from current international education research.

MSQ seeks to cultivate future citizens who will boldly explore the world and remain enthusiastic life-long learners. The faculty consists of highly qualified teachers, who are experts in various fields, and an experienced management team. MSQ is located in the Blue Silicon Valley, the only marine high-tech city in China, and MSQ teachers have masters or doctoral degrees. All core courses are taught by native English speaking foreign faculty with outstanding professional skills and extensive teaching experiences.



All courses at MSQ follow a full-English, small-size class teaching model. Students who successfully complete the prescribed high school credits will receive a US high school diploma from Menaul School. This diploma is recognized by the New Mexico State Department of Education as well as colleges and universities around the world.

MSQ employs textbooks and assessment criteria designated by ISAS. We also provide core courses found in the best American secondary schools including English literature, mathematics, natural and hard sciences, social studies, arts, and PE. Menaul School Qingdao (MSQ) offers 42 core courses, of which 17 are Advanced Placement (AP)courses. These AP courses include almost every AP subject required for various majors in American universities. Concurrently, MSQ offers students a wide selection of core courses at varying levels of academic difficulty so as to intellectually challenge them and to provide a firm academic base of knowledge and vocabulary. This will lead to the development and mastery of the essential content and skills learners will need to succeed at MSQ and in college.

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MSQ is a free-standing facility on a 35,000 square meter campus, located in the Blue Silicon Valley. MSQ is in close proximity to 14 national research institutions, 16 universities, and 12 major national science and technology platform project bases. Moreover, the grounds are green and environmentally friendly. MSQ has modern classrooms, special rooms for art, drama, music, sport and science classes as well as outdoor athletic facilities and ball courts. These create a wonderful environment for learning and play.

Students should only speak English in classes unless otherwise instructed by their teachers for the purpose of briefly translating. We encourage students to speak English during the instructional day from 8 A.M. - 5 P.M., no matter during breaks, at the canteen, on the sports field, during club or elective time, or back in their dorms. We want our students to totally immerse themselves in an all English - speaking environment so as to meaningfully enhance their language skills. 



Menaul School Qingdao is housed on a purpose-built new campus with modern classrooms, multi-function classrooms, a basketball court, and a gym, computer, and science laboratories equipped with the latest educational amenities and technologies. Security is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure the safety of everyone at school. There is also a nurse on campus and a modern medical facility. The cafeteria serves three large nutritious and tasty hot meals every day. All dorm rooms are standard double rooms with en suite bathrooms and 24-hour hot water supply. Laundry facilities are also available for student use. Just as importantly, the general study and living environment are very aesthetically pleasing and the dormitories are clean, comfortable, and safe.


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