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Moonshot Academy (MSA) is an innovative high school for students from around the world. MSA offers a 3 or 4-year full-time high school education program. At MSA, learning takes place in a comprehensive manner. Every learner is expected to acquire subject knowledge through flipped classrooms and develop through interdisciplinary project-based learning and honor courses based on individual preferences and needs. MSA believes knowledge is mainly classified into three types in a broad sense: factual, conceptual, and procedural and rearranges the contents that should be covered by the future-oriented study from the perspective of learning outcomes, and divides them into four levels.



1. Metacognition: the habit and ability to observe and reflect on our self-awareness from the third perspective, such as the ability to recognize self-capability objectively, to control one's own emotions and behaviors, and to complete goals on the basis of metacognition.

2. Core Competence and Attainment: Core capabilities and competencies are key parts in the educational process, including creativity, abilities to cooperate and to communicate, leadership, etc.

3. Procedural Knowledge: It represents knowledge application and transfer capacity. With procedural knowledge, students can use algorithms, techniques, and methods to solve problems, such as programming a web crawler software in Python language to capture key information on the internet.

4. Facts and Conceptual Knowledge: surface-level knowledge related to traditional test-oriented education, such as the material composition of the human body and the concept of metabolism in biology; the concepts of a magnetic field, electric potential, electric potential energy, and electric potential difference in electromagnetism; English grammar and tense, etc.


Coaches: learners are matched with a "mentor" who can individualize their development, set up learning goals, and select the learning experiences that best fit the student's needs. Guided by their coaches and teamed up with their peers, learners are expected to set up their personal goals and accomplish them. By the virtue of such an intimate mentorship, they can continuously stimulate themselves with challenges, learn independently, and find their purposes in life.

College Counseling: designed to assist all MSA learners in exploring the field of their interests and their potential career choices. Every learner is supported to find his or her own field of interest and dream school and major.

Counseling Center: The psychology Counselling Department at MSA intends to build up learners' mental strength, grit, and adaptability. It will also educate learners and teachers on general knowledge about mental health and practical methods and tools to address mental issues. Every learner and teacher at MSA should be able to know when and how to seek professional psychological aids. The department desires to build an unbiased school culture about mental health prevention and counseling.


In MSA, every student, teacher, and staff are the founders of the community culture. We encourage each member of the community to initiate or participate in activities, and we hope that the students will be involved in developing and designing all activities to realize student-centered education and provide a deeper self-exploration and learning environment. In MSA, based on deep understanding and practice of experiential learning concepts, community activities enable students to acquire the knowledge they expect from plans, action, and reflection, and participants to develop their competences in an open, positive, and mutually supportive environment.

Additionally, at MSA, students have many chances to visit the surrounding city. Through these trips, students will experience the lives of different social groups and understand the real challenge of every lifestyle; take a step into different industries and experience work stories of real professionals; enter different cultural regions, establish respect, understand the origin of culture, the similarities and differences between them to become global citizens.


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