Global Higher Education

The IPERC Higher Education Program includes an expansive network of high school and university
partners that continues to grow each year. Through this network of partners, IPERC strives to
place high-quality international students in universities around the world and provide opportunities for international students to develop 21st-century skills to be successful in college. Through our College Recruitment Program and the Advanced College Credit Pathway (ACCP), IPERC takes much of the burden of student recruitment off of our partner universities by
connecting them with top international students seeking admission to university.

The IPERC College Recruitment Program takes much of the burden of international student recruitment off of our partner universities by connecting them with international students from our expansive network of high school and college partners around the world. We do our best to promote our partner universities so that each student understands the strengths and benefits of enrolling there.

ACCP consists of the 1818 dual-credit program and the Advanced College Credit Pathway (ACCP). A valuable partnership between IPERC, St. Louis University (SLU), and ACCP Partner Universities, the ACCP program creates a direct pathway through which international students can engage in dynamic and impactful learning and earn transferable college credits while attending high school in their home country.

The iStar Class College Credit and Research Program, designed by IPERC Academy, is a series of programs taught by Top 30 US University educators for high school students to engage in impactful learning while earning college credits and participating in cutting edge research. iStar Class gives students an authentic college experience, transferrable college credit and the opportunity to earn recommendation letters from ivy league professors. Available online and in several cities around the world, iStar Class utilizes real-time teaching, small class sizes, elite instructors, and affordable prices to give students a unique educational experience, a head start on college, and valuable life-long skills.


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