IPERC is endorsed by Marine Advanced Technology Education Inspiration for Innovation (MATE II) to exclusively develop MATE regional Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) competitions across Mainland China. MATE’s ROV competitions engage students from elementary to college-aged in robotics and engineering projects that help them to develop technical, problem solving, critical thinking, project management, communication, teamwork, and entrepreneurship skills and prepare them for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers.



IPERC is proud to be one of forty (and growing!) regional contests that take place across the world. In 2015, we started to invite MATE representatives and ROV teachers to develop ROV careers in China. Through our partnership, IPERC has brought MATE II and ROVs to more than 30 cities in China, and we will continue to expand. The furthering of this program and the expansion of underwater robotics education is an ongoing program within IPERC. Teachers and students have begun to learn about our ROV program, which has spiked their interest in building their own ROVs to complete special missions.



  1. In 2013 and 2014, Gahanna Lincoln students visited their Chinese sister school to demo ROV class through the assistance of IPERC;

  2. In 2015, IPERC sponsored a trip to China for, Fred, a robotics teacher from Ohio to hold an ROV workshop in 20 different schools in the Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou area;

  3. In 2016, Fred returned to China to conduct a 2-week teacher training workshop;

  4. In the summer of 2017, Fred held ROV demo classes to 800 students during our summer camp;

  5. In the fall of 2017, we began a partnership with MATE II to work towards implementing an underwater robotics competition in China.

  6. In 2018, we helped the Chinese National Day school participate in the MATE International Competition and introduced MATE II to three universities in China, including top-ranked Peking University, Nanjing University and Beijing Information Science and Technology University.


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