Program Overview

Ready Global Academy offers an expansive curriculum in both standard and AP courses, and students may also take college-credit bearing courses through St. Louis University’s (SLU) dual enrollment program. All courses are taught in real-time, however, class recordings are available to students for further review, and class times are flexible and built around a student’s schedule. To ensure each student receives the required attention and assistance, classes are limited to 6 students. Upon successful completion of Ready Global Academy courses, students will receive an official transcript from Bishop Ready High School. If a student has taken any SLU courses, they will receive both an official transcript from SLU and these credits will be recognized on their Bishop Ready transcript.


60+ Course Options

24 AP Courses

15 College Credit Plus Courses

Bishop Ready High School, founded in 1961, is a private high school located in Columbus, Ohio with a welcoming community and a deep commitment to the development of the individual student, academically, spiritually, socially, and emotionally. Ready’s student body encompasses students from different walks of life; their commonality is the desire for a first-rate education in an environment that challenges, nourishes, and prepares them for continuing their education on the university level and beyond, but also produces academically well-educated young adults who are able to effectively communicate with and contribute to the larger world in which we live.

Course Offerings


Business Communications I

Business Communications II

Business Principals and Strategies/Entrepreneurship


Accounting II



Algebra I

Honors Algebra I

Algebra II Trig

Honors Algebra II/Trig


Honors Geometry

Algebra III

Honors Precalculus

Honors Calculus I

AP Calculus BC

Probability and Statistics

AP Statistics


Physical Science

Honors Physical Science


Honors Biology

AP Biology


Honors Chemistry

AP Chemistry


Honors Physics

AP Physics

Honors Human Anatomy and Physiology I

AP Human Anatomy and Physiology II

Environmental Science

Health I

Health II


English 9

Honors English 9

English 10

Honors English 10

English 11

Honors English 11

AP Language and Composition

English 12

Honors English 12

AP Literature and Composition

Journalism I

Journalism II

Public Speaking

Social Studies

World Issues

United States History

AP United States History

World History

AP World History


AP Government/Politics/Economics





Digital Photography and Photoshop



Interactive Multi-Media


Computer and Technology

Computer Fundamentals and Innovation

Computer Programming I

Computer Programming II

AP Computer Programming

Introduction to Cybersecurity

Web Design

Online Platform

Realtime Classes via ClassIn


Class Style

One on One

1 Teacher

1 Student

Individual Attention

Small Group

1 Teacher

2-6 Students

Collaborate and Learn With Your Peers

Dual Credit

1 Teacher

7-15 Students

Earn College Credit

Teach with RGA!

*Now Hiring*

IPERC is looking for experienced educators to join our Global Academy team to teach part-time and full time. Global Academy instructors will teach online courses in a variety of subjects to international middle and high school students. Class times are in the morning or evenings and can be built around an instructor's schedule and availability. The ideal candidate will have a passion for international education and for helping students learn, grow, and develop. Candidates should have previous experience teaching middle or high school students in one or more of the following subjects: English, Science, Math, Social Studies, Social Sciences, Art, Computer Science, etc.

Contact: If interested, please contact or send your resume to Rachel Fullin at


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+1 614-553-8513

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