The IPERC STEAM Curriculum combines physics, chemistry, biology, geography, and computer science through interactive teaching, group cooperation, and exploration. Each STEAM course is intended to promote high quality and practical research that supports 21st Century Education through inquiry-based curriculum, formative and constructive assessment, education technology, and professional development & teacher training. Course lesson plans and teaching materials are bilingual so teachers and students can engage in educational conversations.


Our Harry Potter STEAM curriculum is designed for primary and secondary school students. Students will explore the world of Harry Potter and use science and art to explain the magic found through playing quidditch, making edible wands, magic potions, magic balloons, and magic slime. While exploring the work of Harry Potter, students will read along with the books and study the individual personalities of the characters and themselves.


Our Roller Coaster project is designed for high school students to utilize the principles of physics, mathematics, computer science, mechanics and engineering to design and construct a functioning roller coaster model. Through the process of scientific inquiry, students will explore energy conservation, stability, circular motion, stress and how these concepts apply to roller coaster design. Upon completion of the course, students will participate in competitions and take a trip to visit Cedar Point, the roller coaster capital of the world.


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