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F1 Program

IPERC works with Partner Schools to establish and perfect your International Student Program. IPERC offers comprehensive consulting services including; student recruitment services, comprehensive residential solutions, academic support, community building, faculty professional development, year-round program management services, and so on.


Trips to China

IPERC organizes trips for American students to visit China. We design custom itineraries for educational trips to China in collaboration with our member schools. Our program includes: sister school visits, services, traditional culture exploration, Chinese language learning, sightseeing, and customized activities such as Robotic team competition, band and choir performance.


STEAM Education

IPERC promotes high quality research to transform traditional classrooms and to support 21st Century Education through effective and systemic integration of education innovations, inquiry based curriculum, formative and constructive assessment, education technology, professional development & teacher training, and effective STEAM outreach.


21st Century Classroom

IPERC sponsors comprehensive research and development that uses technology to develop proficiency in 21st century skills, to support innovative teaching and learning, and to create robust education support systems. Our current research seeks to develop and integrate education innovations that will transform (flip) the traditional classroom to support 21st century education.

Welcome to IPERC, promoting International Partnership of Education Research and Communications. IPERC develops international education programs with a mission to promote effective educational research, innovation and communication in a global setting. Our current programs place specific emphasis on connecting educators and students from emerging powers such as China with US partners. By strengthening and linking educational institutions globally, IPERC facilitates the development of leadership, the capacity of individuals, and organizations to address local and global challenges in education. IPERC seeks to develop a constructive forum for international collaborative research and education that can catalyze new venues of research and innovations in education. Through collaborative efforts, IPERC aims to provide a platform to ensure sustained impact, evolution, and dissemination of valid research results that promote and fuel educational innovations that will transform the existing education system while tailoring to the technology enriched global society. Built on a 21st century education infrastructure, IPERC provides unique opportunities to prepare students for global citizenship by connecting scholars and students throughout the world towards building a sustainable and peaceful global society. Our mission of collaborative partnerships, education reforms, and international communications is also our strategy for success.