IPERC Bridging Program

  • Bishop Ready High School held a fashion show fundraiser in which one of the IPERC students participated. The others came in support, and it was a great event!
  • Bishop Ready students are ready for their first high school dance!
  • US students visit IPERC member schools in China
  • Chinese Culture
  • Chinese students visit New Jersey Glen Ridge School District
  • Exchange Students with Host Family
  • IPERC Membership School in Ningbo
  • Activity at Government City Hall in One of IPERC Partner Cities
  • IPERC Membership School the Beijing New Bridge Foreign Language School

IPERC Bridging Program

IPERC Bridging Program is an international educational exchange program committed to the promotion and implementation of education exchanges between the U.S. and China. Our goal is to promote dialogue and friendship between Chinese and U.S. students, educators, and families. We aim to enhance cultural awareness and international understanding by offering quality educational and cultural programs for students and schools.

Our staff is dedicated to creating a positive exchange experience for all program participants. We organize high school and college student exchanges, short-term home stays, ESL camps, and winter or summer subject-based camp programs in the U.S. and China.

We help our partner schools in the U.S. to establish or enhance their International Student Programs; we also help all partners in the U.S. and China to establish relationships with sister schools. With this system, it is our goal to provide a mutually beneficial experience that results in the enhancement of the global education system.

IPERC International Foundation cherishes the opportunity to provide students with a quality educational experience that will last them a lifetime. We hope to instill in our students self-respect, independence, compassion, teamwork, critical thinking, social responsibility, and a high moral standard. In essence, we are dedicated to helping our students become distinguished global citizens.

Welcome to the IPERC family!