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F1 Program

IPERC works with Partner Schools to establish and perfect your International Student Program. IPERC offers comprehensive consulting services including; student recruitment services, comprehensive residential solutions, academic support, community building, faculty professional development, year-round program management services, and so on.


Trips to China

IPERC organizes trips for American students to visit China. We design custom itineraries for educational trips to China in collaboration with our member schools. Our program includes: sister school visits, services, traditional culture exploration, Chinese language learning, sightseeing, and customized activities such as Robotic team competition, band and choir performance.



1818ACCP consists of the 1818 dual-credit program and the Advanced College Credit Pathway (ACCP). A valuable partnership between IPERC, St. Louis University (SLU), and the ACCC, the 1818ACCP program creates a direct pathway through which international students can engage in dynamic and impactful learning and earn transferable college credits while attending high school in their home country.


iStar Class

The iStar Class College Credit Program, designed by IPERC in collaboration with Top 30 American University educators and St. Louis University, provides a pathway for High School students to engage in impactful learning and earn college credits.
Available online and in several cities around the world, the courses enhance the student education experience and equips them with valuable life-long skills.

Welcome to IPERC, an International Partnership of Education Research and Communication. IPERC develops international education programs with a mission to promote effective innovation and communication in a global setting. Built on 21st-century education infrastructure, IPERC provides educationally sound and beneficial programs to enhance the overall educational and cross-cultural experience of the students, staff, and surrounding community. Our current programs place specific emphasis on developing global learners through strengthening and linking educators and educational institutions from around the world.