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Building a Pathway to Ivy League Universities!

    - Instructors from Top US Universities

    - Academic Writing Workshop

    - Extensive Collaboration with Your Instructor

    - Dedicated and Experienced TA​s

    - Recommendation Letter and Research Paper

Stand Out with iStar Class

The iStar Class Research Program, designed by IPERC Academy, is a series of programs taught by top scholars at US universities through which students engage in impactful cutting-edge research while earning college credits. iStar Class gives students an authentic college learning experience and the opportunity to earn a recommendation letter from an elite university professor. Available online and in several cities around the world, iStar Class utilizes real-time teaching, small class sizes, and affordable prices to give students a unique educational experience, a head start on college-level research, and valuable learning skills.

Our research program connects students with professors from top universities who are leading groundbreaking research in their fields. Students take an online or in-person course focused on the professor's area of research, then work closely with the professor to write an academic research paper. This program is open to high school students with related academic knowledge or undergraduate students looking to conduct their own research.

Program Includes

Academic Writing Workshop

Research Field Foundation Courses

Research Paper Writing

Students Receive

Research Experience

Potential Letter of Recommendation from a Top US or UK University Instructor

Potential Publication in an Academic Research Journal

College Research Credits