The iStar Class College Credit and Research Program, designed by IPERC Academy, is a series of programs taught by Top 30 US University educators for high school students to engage in impactful learning while earning college credits and participating in cutting edge research. iStar Class gives students an authentic college experience, transferrable college credit, and the opportunity to earn recommendation letters from ivy league professors. Available online and in several cities in the U.S. and around the world, iStar Class utilizes real-time teaching, small class sizes, elite instructors, and affordable prices to give students a unique educational experience, a head start on college, and valuable life-long skills.

iStar Class Programs


Our online college credit courses are designed for students looking to earn college credit for general education courses, helping them to save both time and money. Courses are taught in real-time, allowing for teacher/student interaction, group discussions, and immediate feedback.  Lectures and lecture materials are available after class to reinforce lessons.


Our research program connects students with professors from top universities who are leading groundbreaking research in their field.  Students take an online or in-person course focused on the professor's area of research and work closely with the professor to write an academic research paper. This program is open to students of all ages, but it is better suited for high school students with previous course knowledge or undergraduate students looking to add to their resume.


iStar's In-Person Summer Course is designed for ambitious students looking to gain a competitive edge on their college applications. Many students dream big when it comes to college, and iStar Class gives them the tools and resources they need to help their applications stand out.


Most introductory classes in university can have anywhere from 150-300 students or more in a class. This leaves little time for one-on-one instructor/student interactions, group discussions or questions about the material being taught. With our class maximums of 25 students, students can be assured that they will be a memorable face and not just a number.


The ability to write a sound, academic research paper is a skill that students will be asked to demonstrate throughout college. In addition to the daily class material, students will research a topic of the instructors choosing, learn more about the academic research process, and practice writing a research paper of their own. Furthermore, those students that display strong research and writing skills will be given the opportunity to have their papers published in academic journals. 


Since students will be receiving an official transcript from St. Louis University, all credits earned can be transferred to the college students will attend. iStar will work with students to assist in this process, and if a courses is not transferable, iStar will provide a full tuition refund for the course. 


The average yearly tuition for a Top 30 University can range from $50,000-$60,000 per year, and that doesn't usually include everything you will need like room and board, a meal plan, student activity fees, etc. Course credits alone can be anywhere from $2,00-$3,000 each. With iStar Class, you can get the same instructors and same quality education at more affordable pricing. 


All iStar courses are taught and designed by experience and exemplary instructors that will provide high-quality and high-impact learning experiences to students. The iStar faculty all work for top 30 universities and hold a PhD in their field. iStar instructors use interactive teaching methods, work closely to guide students through the subject material, and provide students with valuable resources through research and instruction.  


Students that excel and do well in iStar courses have the opportunity to receive letters of recommendation from iStar professors. For those students applying to elite universities, insight and support from iStar's distinguished faculty will boost a student's resume and help their application to stand out.


The courses offered in the iStar program are college-level general education classes, which often also fulfill prerequisite requirements for certain majors. Participating in iStar Class gives students the opportunity to experience new subjects and assess which courses they are interested in, jumpstarting the process of thinking about their future college majors and careers.


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