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iStar Class Student Publications

iStar Class provides students the opportunity to publish their work in iStar’s very own journal, iSTEAMC, or journals selected by the student and the instructor.


During each research course, instructors and students will first get to know each other. Then, they will work together to pick out a research topic that is most closely aligned with the student's interests. During the writing phase, students will receive help from their instructor and TA. After the paper is complete, the instructor will recommend an appropriate journal where the student will submit their finished manuscript.


Instructors from iStar Class are dedicated to help all students thrive in research paper writing.



International STEAM Communications (iSTEAM Communications ISSN: 2691-7300) is an open-access electronic journal that publishes original papers on education in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM). iSTEAM Communications encourages reports of both quantitative and qualitative studies related to STEAM education in the global context. For more information, visit

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Based on the quality of their research papers, students have the opportunity to submit their manuscripts to well-known journals including:



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