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What is ACCP?

The ACCP (Advanced College Credit Program) partners with Marquette University to develop the Explorer-ACCP Program and offer Marquette University courses, allowing advanced high school or first-year college students to earn up to one year of college education in their own country, which can then be carried over to their future university and applied toward their undergraduate degree. Students will be able to take the credits they have earned and apply to any university that they wish, or, IPERC will provide them with full application support in applying to any ACCP partner universities around the world. Students who meet the ACCP partner universities' requirements will receive direct entry and, in most cases, will not even need to submit a TOEFL or IELTS score. This program allows students to be fully prepared to enter college and gives them a head start on all other entry level college students.

Enhance University Application

Students that complete the ACCP program will increase their chance of admission to an elite university by demonstrating that they have the ability to succeed in an academically rigorous college program while still in high school.

Streamlined Application Process

Students are automatically accepted to ACCP Partner Universities as Sophomores upon successful completion of the program without the need for standardized testing.

Graduate Early

ACCP Students earn up to 34 credit hours of college credit while still in high school, allowing them to begin their university studies years ahead of their peers.


ACCP courses are offered year-round and at multiple times a day, allowing students to pursue university study on a schedule that works for them.

University Resources

All students enrolled in ACCP courses will have an official college ID and access to university-provided resources.

Diverse Curriculum

Compared to AP courses and other dual credit programs like IB, ACCP has a wide selection of courses covering 26 different subjects and more than 100 courses in general education.

Partnerships with Elite Universities

ACCP Partner Universities are top-ranked universities that welcome international students from around the world.

Standard Curriculum

Curriculums can vary from school to school, making it difficult for universities to accurately evaluate international students. Our ACCP curriculum standards and guidelines are set by our Partner Universities and are the same program-wide, ensuring students are evaluated on more than just their GPA.

University Approved Instructors

All ACCP instructors are university approved, have obtained a master's degree or higher, have several years of teaching experience, and are US-based.

Interactive Teaching Environment

All ACCP courses are taught in real-time and are student-centered, so there is no hiding in an ACCP course! During each course, students will work with their peers through in-class discussions, group projects and presentations, and inquiry-based activities.

Improved Academic English Skills

All ACCP students must complete courses in English for Academic Purposes, where they will learn skills to produce academic research papers, work closely in groups, and communicate their findings through presentations.  

Why Do Students Choose ACCP?

ACCP Services


Official College Transcript

Course Selection & Plan of Study

Alumni and College Visits

Access to University Resources

University App Assistance

Dedicated Enrollment Advisor

Streamlined University Application Process

Plan of Study

Credit Transfer Assistance

Student Visa & Pre-Arrival

Visa Application and Interview Help

Pre-Arrival Orientations & Checklists

Assistance with College Forms

Matriculation/Transfer Assistance

Campus Transistion

Airport Welcome & Campus Tour

On-site Coordinator

Moving Assistance

Course Selection Guidance

Academic Support

Challenging Courses to Prepare You for University Study

Intensive English-Language Courses

Course TAs

Real-Time Classes

ACCP Centers

In-Person Courses

High-Quality Facilities & Instructors

Centers Located Worldwide

Extracurricular Activities and Cultural Events


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