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Get a jump start on college while you study and learn in some of the most exciting cities around the world. ACCP centers are elite high schools and universities worldwide that are approved to serve as a facilitator of ACCP courses for international students.

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Western-Style Learning

All courses offered at ACCP centers follow a Western style of instruction that emphasizes active student participation and discussions and encourages analysis and critical thinking. 


First Year Seminar

All ACCP Center students are required to take a first-year seminar course. Similar to universities around the world, the first-year seminar course is meant to prepare students for studying and living on a university campus abroad.

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Community Connections

In addition to the in-person courses taken at ACCP centers, students may participate in ACCP sponsored events and activities outside the classroom. Events include school outings, speaker series and presentations, alumni networking events, and major-specific information sessions. 

Top Universities That Accept ACCP Credits

  1. The Johns Hopkins University*

  2. Washington University in St. Louis*

  3. University of California, Los Angeles

  4. University of California, Berkeley

  5. Georgetown University*

  6. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

  7. University of Southern California*

  8. Carnegie Mellon University*

  9. University of Virginia

  10. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  11. New York University*

  12. University of California, Santa Barbara

  13. University of Florida


1. Toronto University

2. University of British Columbia

3. McMaster University

4. University of Alberta

5. Queen's University

6. Western University

7. Dalhousie University

8. University of Calgary

9. University of Ottawa

10. University of Manitoba

11. University of Saskatchewan

12. Simon Fraser University

13. University of Victoria

  1. University of Sheffield

  2. University of York

  3. University of Dundee 

  4. University of Stirling 

  5. Edinburgh Napier University

  6. Abertay University

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ACCP Quality Guaranteed

The high quality and integrity of the ACCP program are of utmost priority to IPERC and its ACCP partner institution. To ensure that ACCP centers maintain these standards, IPERC will take the following quality control measures:

  1. Syllabi developed for each course must be approved by the ACCP to ensure it meets ACCP course requirements.

  2.  Final examinations for each course are based on the learning objectives provided by the ACCP.

  3. Final exams will be recorded to ensure that academic integrity standards are maintained.

  4. The ACCP will conduct random checks of student examination forms to ensure academic integrity. Additionally, examination forms will be kept for 2 years to maintain records of student performance.

  5. In the event of any academic dishonesty, the school in question will be required to retest its students.

  6.  The ACCP will conduct site visits to each ACCP Center at least once per semester and provide a detailed report of each site visit, explaining what was observed during the visit and providing feedback to the ACCP Center for methods of improvement. The ACCP will maintain records of past site visits and future plans for site visits.


To ensure the quality of ACCP courses, all instructors must:

1. Have at least a master's degree in the course subject or at least 18 graduate credit hours related to the subject they are teaching.

2. Have the ability to teach the course completely in English

3. Be recommended by home institution and be able to pass initial interview



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