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Explorer-ACCP Centers

Get a jump start on college while you study and learn in your own backyard. ACCP centers are elite global education institutions that are approved to offer ACCP courses to international students, taught by their own faculty.

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Western-Style Learning

All courses offered at ACCP centers follow a Western style of instruction that emphasizes active student participation in discussions and encourages in-depth analysis and critical thinking. 


First-Year Seminar

All ACCP Center students are required to take a first-year seminar course. Similar to courses offered at universities around the world, the first-year seminar is meant to prepare students to study and live on a university campus abroad.

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Community Connections

In addition to the in-person courses taken at ACCP centers, students may participate in ACCP-sponsored events and activities outside the classroom. Events include school outings, prominent speakers, academic presentations, alumni networking events, and major-specific information sessions. 


1170 Old Henderson Rd. Suite 208 Columbus, OH 43220, USA
+1 614-553-8513

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