An ACCP Center is an elite international high school or university that has been approved to serve as a facilitator of 1818 ACCP courses for international students. To be certified as an ACCP center, all institutions must meet the requirements set forth by St. Louis University, and all instructors must be approved to serve as SLU adjunct instructors.

ACCP Quality Control

The high quality and integrity of the ACCP program are of utmost priority to IPERC, SLU, and its ACCP partner institution. To ensure that ACCP centers maintain these standards, IPERC will take the following quality control measures:


  1. Syllabi developed for each course must be approved by SLU to ensure it meets SLU’s course requirements.

  2.  Final examinations for each course are based on the learning objectives provided by SLU.

  3. Final exams will be recorded to ensure that academic integrity standards are maintained.

  4. The ACCP will conduct random checks of student examination forms to ensure academic integrity. Additionally, examination forms will be kept for 2 years to maintain records of student performance.

  5. In the event of any academic dishonesty, the school in question will be required to retest its students.

  6.  The ACCP will conduct site visits to each ACCP Center at least once per semester and provide a detailed report of each site visit, explaining what was observed during the visit and providing feedback to the ACCP Center for methods of improvement. The ACCP will maintain records of past site visits and future plans for site visits.

  7. The ACCP will compile an annual report on the implementation of each subject.

  8. The ACCP will conduct end-of-term student course evaluations for each course to provide instructors with student feedback.

  9. ACCP will provide students the opportunity to engage with ACCP alumni.

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Western-Style Learning

All courses offered at ACCP centers follow a Western-style of instruction that emphasizes active student participation and discussions, and encourages analysis and critical thinking. Instead of spending their time preparing for standardized testing, students will learn in an authentic college environment that allows them to strengthen their soft skills and English proficiency. Additionally, all ACCP center courses are accredited by St. Louis University, ensuring that all credits earned will transfer to the student's university of choice.

First Year Seminar

All ACCP Center students are required to take a first-year seminar course. Similar to universities around the world, the first-year seminar course is meant to prepare students for studying and living on a university campus abroad. Each seminar course will focus on topics such as introductions to each ACCP Partner University and the culture, stress and time management skills, resources available to students and how to access these resources, social life, and other topics that help students to successfully acclimate to their college of choice.

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Community Connections

In addition to the in-person courses taken at ACCP centers, students may participate in ACCP sponsored events and activities outside the classroom. Events include school outings, speaker series and presentations, alumni networking events, and major-specific information sessions. These events are a great way for students to participate in professional networking, build relationships with their fellow classmates, and connect with ACCP alumni, all of which will help them to further their future career goals.


ACCP Instructor Requirements

To ensure the quality of ACCP courses, all instructors must:

1. Have at least a master's degree in the course subject or at least 18 graduate credit hours related to the subject they are teaching.

2. Have at least 3 years of teaching experience

3. Have the ability to teach the course completely in English

To ensure the quality of ACCP courses, all instructors must:

1. Have at least a master's degree in the course subject or at least 18 graduate credit hours related to the subject they are teaching.

2. Have at least 3 years of teaching experience

3. Have the ability to teach the course completely in English

4. Be recommended by home institution and be able to pass initial interview

1818 ACCP Instructor Requirements

ACCP Student Requirements

To ensure the quality of ACCP courses, all students must:

1. Partake in a Freshman Seminar course

2.Achieve a sufficient score on the ACCP English Entrance Exam, TOEFL or IELTS

High School Specific

1. Have at least a 3.0 GPA or higher



ENGL 1500: The Process of Composition

ENGL 1900: Advanced Strategies of Rhetoric and Research


ARTH 1010: History of Western Art

ART 2500: Computer Art 1

THR 1000: Approaching the Arts


IB 2000: Introduction to International Business

ECON 1900: Principles of Economics

ECON 1910: Principles of Microeconomics

ORLD 2500: Financial Concepts


MATH 1200 College Algebra

MATH 1300: Elementary Statistics with Computers

MATH 1510: Calculus I

MATH 1520: Calculus II


HIST 1115: Origins of the Modern World to 1500

HIST 1120: Origins of the Modern World, 1500-Present

HIST 1600:United States History to 1865

HIST 1610: United States History Since 1865


CMM 1200: Public Speaking

CMM 2400: Media and Society

Computer Science

CSCI 1010: Introduction to Computer Science

CSCI 1300: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming

ECE 1001 Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering

Science and Social Sciences

BIOL 1240: Principles of Biology

CHEM 110: General Chemistry I

CHEM 1120: General Chemistry II

PHYS1200: General Physics I

PHYS 1240: General Physics II

PSY 1010: Introduction to Psychology

SOC 1100: Introduction to Sociology

Non-Credit Classes

1. EAP English

2. Freshman Seminar




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