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College Students in Classroom

ACCP Center
Procedure, Resources, and Guidelines

Through the globally available ACCP program at participating ACCP Center, eligible students can initiate their academic journeys by earning college credit. This opportunity is extended to those students who exhibit the capability, motivation, and maturity to embark on their college education before completing high school.

Timeline and Procedure for
Partner Center Students

2 Weeks Before Semester Starts:

  • Fill out the Student Application Form

  • Be sure to check your personal email for the Welcome email from Marquette University. Use the information to log into Checkmarq as soon as you receive the email. 

During the Semester:

  • Attend classes regularly, actively participate in discussions, and take thorough notes. Stay organized with assignments and deadlines, seek clarification when needed, and form study groups for collaborative learning. Utilize office hours to connect with your instructors. 

Within 3 Weeks After Semester Ends:

  1. Grades are available on your Checkmarq system.

  2. You can request unofficial and official transcripts through the Chcekmarq System, and begin the credit transfer process. Follow this link for instructions on how to order your official transcripts. 


1170 Old Henderson Rd. Suite 208 Columbus, OH 43220, USA
+1 614-553-8513

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