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ACCP Center & Coordinator
Procedure, Resources, and Guidelines

Each ACCP Center must assign a staff member at their institution as the ACCP Coordinator. The success of students engaged in the program and the establishment of a college-going culture rely significantly on the foundational role of the ACCP coordinator. This coordinator plays a crucial role in supporting the success of both the partner institution and its students within the program.


Role of an ACCP Coordinator:

  • Facilitating the ACCP at the respective institution using materials provided by IPERC. 

  • Ensuring compliance with all policies and guidelines set for the ACCP Centers.

  • Assisting instructors, including reminding them to submit syllabi annually to IPERC and input semester grades.

  • Guiding students through the registration process, managing changes in registrations, and reminding students of deadlines and other tasks upon request.

  • Addressing student inquiries regarding eligibility, tuition payments, and credit transfers.

  • Communicating institutional changes, such as updating and reviewing the course ledger for semester alterations in offerings and personnel, and handling other requests as needed. 

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Timeline and Procedure for
Partner Center & Coordinator

Establish Initial Relationship (One-Time):

6 weeks before the semester starts:

  1. Compile the course offering list for the semester. 

  2. Gather new instructor material, including a teachable syllabus for the applied courses. 

  3. Remind new instructors to complete the Adjunct Instructor Application Form.


4 Weeks Before Semester Starts:

  1. Finalize instructor approval status with IPERC. 

  2. Confirm the course offering list and course syllabi.

  3. Complete the Partner Center Semesterly Course Offering info sheet and provide all required information in the questionnaire.


1 Week Before Semester Starts:

  1. Arrange an online Onboarding Training for Phase-One Approved instructors with IPERC. 

  2. Remind Phase-One Approved instructors to complete their MUID form and Online FERPA Training for .

  3. Ensure all students have filled out the Student Application Form.

  4. Provide IPERC with the Student Registration Roster in form of an excel sheet, listing student names and enrolled courses.


First Day of Class:

  • Preferably record the lecture video. (Not applicable for fully-approved instructors)


Within 1 Week After Semester Starts:

  • Finalize the class roster for each course, including any add/drop students. Note: Students withdrawing after this period will receive a 'W' and it will affect their GPA.


Within 3 Weeks After Semester Starts:

  1. Finish recording the lecture video (preferably from the first day of class).

  2. Turn in the lecture video by completing the Lecture Video Checklist and Submission Form.

  3. Follow instructions when recording the video and review all videos according to the checklist before submission. (Not applicable for fully-approved instructors)


Last 2 Weeks of the Semester:


Within 1 Week After Semester Ends:

  1. Ensure all instructors finish all grading.

  2. Ensure all instructors report student final grades to the Checkmarq system.

  3. Ensure that all Phase-One approved instructors must turn in three graded final assessments. If there are three or fewer students in the class, turn in all students’ graded final assessments.

ACCP Partner Resources:

  • Program Flyer Introduction: Explore the dynamic features and benefits of our program through this engaging Program Flyer, providing a visually appealing overview with key details to pique your interest.

  • Program Presentation Introduction: Elevate your understanding of our program with the Program Presentation, a resource offering a compelling visual narrative that combines key information and captivating visuals for an insightful and engaging overview, perfect for sharing the program's essence in a presentation format.

  • Official Implementation Process Introduction: Delve into the structured framework of our program with the Official Implementation Process document, guiding you through step-by-step procedures and protocols for a seamless and effective implementation aligned with our official standards.


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