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The IPERC College Recruitment Program frees universities from much of the burden and cost of international student recruitment. By using our network of international partner schools, agencies, and global programs, we connect colleges with top international students seeking admission to Western universities. Our dedicated recruitment team is committed to understanding the unique qualities of every school in order to recruit students who possess the skills required to be successful. Our ACCP and Joint Partnership programs allow for universities to recruit a consistent group of students at the undergraduate, master's, and Ph.D. levels.

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Recruitment from High Schools

IPERC recruits international students from more than 200 private high schools within the US and Canada, and more than 250 high schools internationally. Through these partnerships, we have formed close relationships with school counselors, administrators, and principals, and have provided them with services such as sister school connections, professional development, student recruitment, and short-term programs and visits. These partnerships allow us to identify and recruit potential students and organize university-centered events such as information sessions and campus tours.


Recruitment from Agencies

IPERC partners with over 180 overseas sending agencies that primarily support students in applying to universities abroad. IPERC uses these agency partnerships to promote the universities in our network. Over the past eight years, IPERC has built strong relationships with consultants from these sending agencies. Consultants develop close connections with their clients and recommend universities that best fit each student’s needs. Sending agencies also hold frequent recruitment events and other activities for high school students seeking admission to universities abroad. IPERC sends representatives to these events to promote our partner schools, and we routinely invite ambassadors from partner schools to participate in our information sessions and webinars. 


University Joint Program Development

IPERC will assist universities in creating partnerships with universities in China to develop collaborative programs. These joint programs will start with partnerships between corresponding academic departments. Programs may include transfer agreements; 2+2, 3+1 or 2+2+2 programs; joint degrees; and other programs in which students would take classes with the goal of transferring to a university in the United States. Although it can take up to two years to fully establish each new university partnership, upon completion, universities will have a well-developed recruitment strategy that recruits international students in large groups instead of one at a time. Each year, universities will have a guaranteed number of new international students who are already familiar with the university and its requirements. After these joint programs are put into place, IPERC will handle transfer student paperwork and oversee partnership management to ensure long-term success.

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Advanced College Credit Program

The Advanced College Credit Program (ACCP) allows exceptional high school or first-year university students to take general education college credit courses in their home country. Instead of concentrating all of their efforts on preparing for standardized tests during their senior year of high school, students in the program focus on college course work and English for Academic Purposes. IPERC has developed partnerships with universities worldwide that agree to accept these credits and simplify the admissions process for ACCP students. Students who join the ACCP agree to attend a partner university, creating a consistent source of qualified international students with real college experience for these universities. ACCP students will enter universities as transfer students with 24+ college credits.

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