Through our Secondary Education program, IPERC works directly with our day and boarding school partners to increase international student enrollment. We offer comprehensive consulting services including, student recruitment services, residential solutions, academic support, community building, professional development, year-round program management services, and more.  We have provided services for more than 1000 international students, who are now studying in American, Canadian, U.K., and Australian high schools and living with host families or school dormitories. Through our international study programs, we have been able to increase our partner schools’ tuition earnings by roughly 16 million dollars every year.

Although our roots stem from the recruitment of Chinese students, IPERC has expanded into Malaysia, South Korea, Vietnam, Pakistan, Nigeria, and Brazil to recruit international students to attend our over 200 partner schools in the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Australia. We excel in our ability to build a network of overseas schools, utilize innovative marketing, and maintain a strong presence on social media, giving us a competitive advantage over similar organizations that rely solely on sending agencies to recruit students. Our recruitment efforts are designed to build your school's international presence by highlighting what makes your school unique through songs, interactive flyers, video blogs, and more.

The relationship between the school and our organization does not end once we have placed a student in your care. IPERC provides continuing support and resources for schools to help communicate with natural parents and students. These services include academic reporting and school communications, tuition, immunizations, health insurance, tutoring, etc.

IPERC seeks qualified host families to provide a safe and nurturing home environment for international high school students attending school in the west. As an IPERC host family, your family and your student will gain a deeper understanding of how culture varies across the world, and develop a lifelong friendship that makes the cultural exchange program valuable. Each host family will be assigned a local coordinator and a student coordinator who will work together to ensure effective communication between all parties and that hosting is a safe and fun experience for everyone involved.

The Ready Global Academy is a private online school designed to bring American education to international students around the world, no matter where they live. As an RGA student, you can also choose from an expansive and rigorous curriculum of standard, honors, and AP courses, or enroll in our dual-enrollment program to earn college credit. Our goal is to prepare you for study in the U.S and give you the assurance that you can confidently apply to schools knowing that your courses are recognized by institutions worldwide. Whether you're looking to take some courses over the summer, needing to retake core classes, or looking to earn a high school diploma, the RGA personalized curriculum is designed to meet your academic needs..

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