Through our Secondary Education program, IPERC works directly with our day and boarding school partners to increase international student enrollment. We have provided services for more than 1000 international students, who are now studying in American or Canadian high schools and living with host families or school dormitories. IPERC works with schools and agencies in China, Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, and many others to recruit international students to attend our over 200 partner schools. 

Through our Secondary Education program, IPERC partners with over 200 elite day schools across the US and Canada. From the Atlantic coast in the east, to the sunny Pacific coast in the west, IPERC provides comprehensive support throughout the application, enrollment, and homestay matching process. For over a decade, IPERC has built an extensive homestay network of over 500 host families to ensure every student matches with their ideal host family. Our host family and student coordinators are located in proximity to every IPERC partner school to provide everyday support to students during their stay in North America. 


IPERC works directly with dozens of Boarding schools across North America to place the students into the perfect school for each of them. We provide numerous services before and after students arrive at our partner boarding schools. 
Pre-Arrival services: School Finding and Matching, Practice Interviews, Application and Enrollment Guidance, Student Re-enrollment Applying, Visa Application Support, Tuition Payment, Cultural Orientations, Summer Homework, Immunization Assistance, Course Schedule Guidance Seminars, Health Records. 
Post-Arrival services: Visit students every quarter, Twice-a-year parent conference and issue a bilingual parent conference report, Student academic supervision, Course selection guidance and planning, Psychological counseling, Act as an emergency contact person for students, Holiday Residential Assistance​.


IPERC seeks qualified host families to provide a safe and nurturing home environment for international high school students attending school in the west. As an IPERC host family, your family and your student will gain a deeper understanding of how culture varies across the world, and develop a lifelong friendship that makes the cultural exchange program valuable. Each host family will be assigned a local coordinator and a student coordinator who will work together to ensure effective communication between all parties and that hosting is a safe and fun experience for everyone involved.

The Ready Global Academy is a private online school designed to bring American education to international students around the world, no matter where they live. As an RGA student, you can also choose from an expansive and rigorous curriculum of standard, honors, and AP courses, or enroll in our dual-enrollment program to earn college credit. Our goal is to prepare you for study in the U.S and give you the assurance that you can confidently apply to schools knowing that your courses are recognized by institutions worldwide. Whether you're looking to take some courses over the summer, needing to retake core classes, or looking to earn a high school diploma, the RGA personalized curriculum is designed to meet your academic needs..

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