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Boarding School Program

IPERC works directly with dozens of Boarding schools across North America to place the students into the perfect school for each of them. We provide numerous services before and after students arrive at our partner boarding schools. 

Boarding School Students Services


  • School Finding and Matching

  • Practice Interviews

  • Application and Enrollment Guidance

  • Student Re-enrollment Applying

  • Visa Application Support

  • Tuition Payment

  • Cultural Orientations

  • Summer Homework

  • Immunization Assistance

  • Course Schedule Guidance Seminars

  • Health Records


  • Visit students every quarter

  • Twice-a-year parent conference and issue a bilingual parent conference report

  • Student academic supervision

  • Course selection guidance and planning

  • Psychological counseling

  • Act as an emergency contact person for students

  • Holiday Residential Assistance​

U.S. Boarding Schools