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Trip Itineraries

*This is only a sampling of our trips. Contact us to plan your school's customized trip


Visit relics of one of the world’s most ancient civilizations along with the most advanced technological and architectural innovations of the modern world in China. See the most famous highlights of the country in this whirlwind tour of the biggest cities and most exciting attractions of China.

Philadelphia and Washington DC

Go back to where it all began with this incredible trip to two of the United States’ historic capitals. Start out in Philadelphia, where you’ll see where the founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence, and continue on to Washington, DC to tour the U.S. Capitol building.

Australia and New Zealand

Literary enthusiasts will be thrilled by New Zealand's south island, the setting for the film adaptation of Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. Fly to Australia for a visit to Sydney's iconic Darling Opera House, soak up some sun on Bondi Beach and end the tour with a relaxing Sydney Harbour cruise.

Dublin & the United Kingdom

Join this whirlwind tour of Dublin and the United Kingdom. Discover the most popular sights of the British Isles with visits to Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and London, where you'll experience some of the most famous landmarks of the English-speaking world.


Jump from the Northern to the Southern Hemisphere in a second in Ecuador. You can visit the hot springs of the Amazon Basin, the steaming volcano of Tungurahua, and the bubbling waterfall of el Pailon del Diablo—the Devil’s Cauldron.


India's capital is a tapestry of medieval fortifications, Mughal mausoleums, dusty bazaars, colonial-era town planning and mega malls. Walk the streets of Old Delhi, tour New Delhi, see the extraordinary Taj Mahal in Agra, and join a tiger Safari at Ranthambore National Park.

Best of Europe

20 cities, 8 countries, 23 days, 1 amazing tour. Listen to Big Ben chime in London, sample Belgian chocolate in Brussels, explore medieval castles in Germany, ride a gondola in Venice, view snowcapped mountains in Switzerland, and much more.

Toronto and Niagra Falls

Experience the best of Ontario’s bustling capital, paired with the natural wonders of Niagara Falls. Peer down at the city below from high up in the CN Tower, journey behind the falls with an interactive tour, and visit the Butterfly Conservatory and Botanical Gardens for a taste of Canada’s natural beauty.

Costa Rica

See the 5,000-foot-tall active Arenal Volcano, kayak across the crystalline Lake Arenal and relax in its numerous bubbling hot springs, then strap yourself into a harness for the ultimate rainforest experience as you soar through the canopy on a zip line.

South Korea

South Korea’s capital city, Seoul, is a sprawling metropolis where ancient meets hyper-modern; Gyeongju, on South Korea's southeast coast, is known for its extensive historical and archaeological ruins. And Busan, a large port city in South Korea, is famous for its beaches, mountain vistas and humbling temples.


Visit the Romanesque Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, gaze up at the balcony said to have inspired Shakespeare’s tragic Romeo and Juliet tale in Verona, hop on a bus to medieval Assisi, and walk through the extravagant architecture in Rome.

British Isles

With its tranquil rolling hills of the Irish countryside, chaotic London streets buzzing with activity, and the curious Stonehenge shrouded in mystery, this tour allows students to experience the historically rich and culturally diverse British Isles.

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