Our comprehensive marketing campaigns focus on building your school's recognition overseas through existing school literature, social media, recruitment events, and multimedia platforms. IPERC will start by translating existing school literature into the target applicant's language and then use this material to produce supplemental advertising materials-such as songs, interactive flyers, VR, etc-that focus on what's most important to parents and emphasize the features that students find most interesting. These materials will then be posted on social media networking websites to promote your school to potential applicants and improve the overall profile of your school.


IPERC has developed partnerships or working relationships with over 200 high schools around the world, all with students eager to pursue an education overseas. Through our rapidly growing network of schools, IPERC can help your school to establish relationships with schools overseas, giving a more personal approach to the recruitment process.


IPERC partners with over 180 sending agencies around the world, including China, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Russia. IPERC representatives have developed strong relationships with these sending agencies, and our staff routinely attend recruitment events to promote our partner schools or invite representatives from these schools to meet and interview potential students.


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