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iStar Class Admissions

Each iStar Class program is designed to challenge students academically and prepare them for success in a university setting. iStar Class seeks to enroll academically driven students who aspire to further their education through research.


iStar Class accepts applications for fall, spring, and summer terms. Please check with your iStar Class counselor for specific deadlines and application fees. ​

Submitting applications earlier can improve your chances of being selected for the program of your choice.

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Application Process

iStar Class Application Submission
+ Online Application
+ Personal Information
+ Application Essays


Initial Acceptance

(Interview Needed)


Improvement Letter


Soon as submitted

1 Week

Initial Screening
+ Transcripts
+ Test Scores


1 Week

Application Under Review
+ Counselor/Teacher Recommendations
+ Essays
+ Official Transcripts


How to Apply

Information Session

Interested students are encouraged to attend an iStar Class info session to learn more about our program and how it can help students stand out in the college application process. To schedule an information session with our iStar Advisor, click here.

Application Submission

Submit your application online here.
Application requirements are as follows:

-iStar Class Application

-Research Interests Statement


-Short Answers


*Research program offerings are based on instructor availability


1170 Old Henderson Rd. Suite 208 Columbus, OH 43220, USA
+1 614-553-8513

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