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Alumni Network

Our iStar Class alumni form a community of ambitious and driven students seeking to advance positive change in the world. These students contribute their unique cultural perspectives as they collaborate on a variety of topics and advance their intellectual development.

Are you an iStar Class alum? We hope you found the experience to be both challenging and rewarding. Please fill out this feedback form to tell us about it!

Student Testimonial

Student Testimonial

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Vyom (India)


"It was a great honor to work with my professor and TA throughout this experience! The professor gave detailed lectures explaining chi-squared data analytics, statistical research methods, and how to uncover statistically significant data while reviewing experiment results. Also, we learned how to write a formal research paper with guidance provided for citations, formatting, and scientific vocabulary. Both the professor and TA were extremely attentive and made sure that we understood the contents of every class session before moving on to the next topic. The professor gave us enough background information to ensure we were able to draft a high-level academic research paper. The TA primarily assisted with the research paper writing and had plenty of knowledge to provide additional information and answer questions throughout the process. Finally, the TA and professor always looked after us to provide constructive feedback along the way and ensure that the final product was at the highest level possible."

"iStar Class provided a helpful and fascinating environment for working on my paper "Organizing the future of cinema in a global media culture: a comparison between the Asian and American TV and film industries." Working by myself, it was not easy to organize my arguments and use appropriate citations from other articles or books. That is the aspect that my instructor and TA helped me with the most. They guided me to explore various sources and improve the organization of my paper. As a student who wrote my research paper while maintaining a busy schedule in the middle of the semester, I was usually under time constraints. However, my instructor, TA, and all the other iStar staff were always supportive and provided me with great help. I am happy that I chose this program."

Jonghyun (South Korea)


Robin (Canada)


"The iStar Class Research Program is not the first research project that I have ever participated in, but it is definitely one of the best. It taught me how to perform more thorough background research and more clearly express my ideas. One of my favorite parts of this program is that we had the opportunity to learn how to compose a research paper while working alongside an expert writing instructor. It really made the writing process easy because I was able to learn what a college-level research paper should look like. I have a passion for STEM research, and the instructor and TA at iStar certainly inspired me to be like them and to continue to pursue STEM research in college."


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