Camps in US

US Camps for a Multicultural Experience


Welcome to IPERC Summer Multicultural Experience! We are thrilled to welcome you as we embark on an exciting and eye-opening journey with our friends from China. Your role will be a multicultural ambassador.

  • 12 days, 7 cities, 2 major universities
  • World-famous landmarks, historical locations, and fun excursions
  • Chinese culture and Chinese language immersion
  • Multicultural collaboration and lifelong friendships
  • Gain leadership experience
  • Great resume builder
  • Safety guaranteed
  • Discounted price with IPERC’s sponsorship


Program Highlights:

  • Short-term courses in math, science, English, art, as well as others.
  • Opportunities for ambassadors to lead activities, meanwhile gaining leadership experience.
  • Travel and sightseeing too many natural landmarks (Hocking Hills and Niagara Falls), historical locations (Wright-Patterson Air Force Base), major cities (Washington D.C., Philadelphia, NYC), and other fun excursions (Cedar Point).
  • College visits to both Ohio State University and Princeton University.
  • Culture blending by interacting with Chinese friends.
  • IPERC bilingual chaperones &teachers accompany the students and keep them safe during the entire trip. 


The purpose of the cultural immersion experience is to allow students to collaborate with their Chinese counterparts through academic activities, educational travel, and leisure-based excursions. Students will have the opportunity to develop their global perspective, enhance their understanding of Chinese culture, receive awards, build their resume, participate in educationally based activities and travel, and have 12 days of fun with students from across the world!

Places to visit

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Who is IPERC? IPERC is an educational exchange organization located in Columbus, OH that promotes cultural exchange and immersion throughout the United States and China. IPERC currently works with many Ohio schools to offer educational opportunities.

What if I cannot participate in every Ohio excursion? Not to worry! All excursions in Ohio are optional, but are included in the cost. The entire first day is required, and the morning academic activities for the remaining four days in Columbus are required. However, other portions of the trip are not.

How do I get more information on the exact itinerary? Contact Rachel Fullin at with any questions regarding the summer experience!