College Recruitment Program

The IPERC College Program includes an expansive network of high school and university partners that continues to grow each year. Utilizing our College Recruitment Program, IPERC takes much of the burden of student recruitment off of our partner universities by connecting them with top international students seeking admission to American universities.


Through our partnerships with over 300 primary and secondary schools across the U.S., IPERC works directly with universities to connect them to highly-qualified international students seeking admission to American universities. At the same time, IPERC helps to increase international student enrollment and lay the foundation for a successful college career. Our dedicated student coordinators are committed to helping our universities recruit graduate and undergraduate students and working with these students to find the right university. IPERC will also organize on-line or in-person recruitment sessions at our partner high schools and arrange campus visits for our students. We do our best to promote our partner universities so that each student understands the strengths and benefits of enrolling there.