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iStar Online Weekend Program

iStar Online is a weekend-only online course available to students with all the benefits of our iStar Class Summer Program. Professors will teach a 9 week course, consisting of two 75-minute sessions each Saturday and Sunday. The courses will be taught using the Zoom program and a TA will be available to assist students. Upon completion of this course, students will earn college credit hours from St. Louis University.

Current Course Offerings:

Microeconomics: Dr. Clerisci-Arias from Stanford University -2/22—4/2

Physics 1: Dr. Lei Bao from The Ohio State University- 2/22—4/2

Principles of Economics: Dr. Spence from Notre Dame University-2/29—5/3

Summer Program Logistics

Class Size

• 25 students/class


• $9,800/person (6 credits) +room & board (varies based on location) Deposit by March 8th, 2020


• China : June 8-July 10, July 13 – August 14 (Availability dependent on condition of the virus)

• USA: June 8 – July 10, June 29 – July 31 (Location TBA)


Online Program Logistics

Class Size

• 25 students/class


• $9,800 Payment due within the first week of courses.


• Online




+1 614-553-8513 (USA)

+86 13720060841;

+86 18618232332 (China) (USA) (China)


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