Beijing No. 35 High School

With over 100 years of history, Beijing No.35 High School (B35) is one of the most prestigious public high schools in China and was recognized as a model high school by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission in 2005. B35 was founded by Dazhao Li, a founding member of the People’s Republic of China. This prestigious high school is composed of two campuses, with an older campus just miles from Tiananmen Square, and a newer international campus about an hour from the heart of Beijing. Using a combination of Chinese and Western-style education, B35 strives to lay the foundation for a student’s academic and lifelong development. There are ten university-level labs at B35 and many university students come to their campus to conduct experiments, including their famous wind tunnel lab. B35 was approved as a 1818ACCP Center in July of 2019 and will be able to host up to 100 students in fall, 2020.


Beijing No. 35 High School offers ten state-of-the-art laboratories including a nano and chemical laboratory, aerospace science and technology laboratory, space technology laboratory,  life science laboratory, astronomical laboratory, aviation science and technology laboratory, wind tunnel laboratory, AI robot laboratory, an intelligent science and technology laboratory, and a data and storage laboratory that provides data storage and calculation services for the nine other laboratories. 

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Beijing No. 35 High School offers modern style student residential halls with single-sex floors. Each resident hall is split into quad rooms with shared single-sex bathrooms and showers. In each quad, every student has an individual bed, closet, and study desk.


Subway and bus stops are minutes away from the Beijing No. 35 campus, offering students easy transportation around the city. Shuttle buses are also available when reserved in advance to transport students to and from campus and the heart of Beijing every Friday.



Beijing No. 35 High School’s International Department (Est. 2012) is located in Beijing Daxing district, about 40 minutes from the downtown area of the city. Beijing 35 High School is committed to providing academic programs that integrate the best of traditional Chinese education with the latest knowledge and newly emerged technologies. The mission is to create a learning community dedicated to discovery, innovation, collaboration, and excellence. The school recently installed a brand new 6-floor teaching building with state-of-the-art facilities containing computer labs, a music room, exercise facility, dance room, a multipurpose room, classrooms, offices, staff tea/coffee room, and more.


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