We have sent over 200 American, British, Canadian, and Australian education leaders overseas, and more than 300 international principals and teachers to the U.S. through our Global Leadership Program. This is a professional development program that aims to provide teachers and administrators with a deeper understanding of the education and culture of each nation by allowing them to experience the schools of the other country firsthand and network with school officials. The purpose is to create an opportunity for educators from both parties to learn from each other.


While overseas, you will have the opportunity to establish partner school relationships and collaborative opportunities with schools. This will increase global awareness and understanding for your entire student body and community, as there is a wide range of cross-cultural collaborative activities your school can engage in throughout the school year and beyond.



For our private school partners, school representatives conduct in-person interviews with students interested in attending high school abroad. This opportunity to recruit students directly while traveling abroad is invaluable to many schools and they offer a much more holistic view of the student and his or her application.


What’s a trip overseas without experiencing a country's rich culture and history? School representatives will have the opportunity to participate in and observe activities such as arts, music, dance, food, and many more. What makes these opportunities most unique is the chance to learn from students in local schools.


One of the highlights for many school representatives is school visits. Through visiting elementary, middle, and high schools overseas, you are able to engage in education discussions with educators as well as talk with students about their educational experiences.


In each city, a portion of the trip is devoted to sightseeing to allow participants to learn more fully about the country's culture and history while enjoying many incredible sights. Some of the highlights of your trip will include some of the country's most famous landmarks.


My participation in the Global Leadership program over the past 2 years has been invaluable. Besides obtaining a greater understanding of the recruitment process for international students, I can confidently say that making personal connections with in-country IPERC professionals has made our international admissions process more intentional and productive. Additionally, exploring culture and cuisine is an important facet of understanding cultural differences, and IPERC might do this better than anyone!

-Jason Gregory, Assistant Head of of Vistamar School