Welcome to apply for SCAD!
Let' s start your journey toward your creative career!

Please read the application guide first.

Graduate Admission Procedures:

1. Submit the online application to SCAD save the screenshot of the application submission

Please be sure to use IPERC application code so that your application fee will be waived

Application Season
IPERC Application Code
Fall 22
Summer 22
Spring 22
Win 22

2. Submit the Portfolios: please refer to the requirement: (https://www.scad.edu/admission/portfolio-and-writing-guidelines/graduate-portfolios) After the submission of the online application to SCAD, please use the same email address to register for Slideroom, and submit the portfolio through Slideroom

3. Fill out the below online form to finish the application procedure

4. Wait from IPERC/ SCAD Representative’s email for in Person or online interview and get the application result.


5. If students accept the SCAD offer, they need to send screenshots of deposit payment and tuition payment, and visa page to admmission@iperc.org