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We Provide the BRIDGE You LEAP Across

The Leap to China program offers middle and high school students the opportunity to travel to China where, in addition to traveling the country, students are given the opportunity to visit their sister school, interact with students and faculty, participate in short-term homestays and cultural activities.


IPERC believes in developing global leaders. Students participate in leadership-building activities. Presentations to host schools, collaborative group projects, and team-building sports activities are just a few.


Project-based learning activities such as hands-on robotics projects, mathematical challenges, and Chinese language lectures ensure the students are constantly engaged and actively learning while experiencing China.


In addition to the numerous educational activities they partake in, students also participate in arts and cultural activities such as learning Chinese traditional dance, martial arts, cooking Chinese dishes, calligraphy and more.


Students take part in partner projects with Chinese students, spend time attending classes at schools throughout China, and participate in host family dinners, ensuring they learn and understand the difference between China and the U.S.

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Teacher Development

Educators have the opportunity to travel to China on a partially sponsored trip where they will attend workshops with fellow Chinese educators that focus on teaching methods for both domestic and international students. Educators will also gain a better understanding of Chinese culture and will be given the opportunity to teach at a partner school over the summer.

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