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Online Courses

For students looking for more flexibility in their schedules or who lack access to a designated Explorer-ACCP center in their hometown, Explorer-ACCP courses are offered in an online format. Most Explorer-ACCP online courses are taught in real-time, allowing for teacher/student interaction, group discussions, and immediate feedback. Students will receive the attention they need with our class maximum of 15 students, dedicated TAs, and designated office hours for each course. Explorer-ACCP also offers asynchronous courses for students who can't fit real-time offerings into their schedule. 

Real-time Online Course Schedule

Don't see a course you like? New courses are available each semester.

Spring 2023

Summer 2023**

Fall 2023**

Jan. 9th - Mar. 14th



English Composition I

Mar. 20th - May 19th

English Composition II



Human Geography

US History


Biology 1


May 23rd - Jul. 21st



US Government

Computer Science

Jul. 24th - Sept. 18th

English Composition II

Human Geography


Schedule and Courses TBA

*Contact us for class schedules and enrollment

**The list of classes for Summer 2023 and Fall 2023 are subject to change

ACCP Offers

- Rolling Enrollment

- Customized Course Selection

- Courses All Year Round

- New Courses Each Semester

ACCP Course with Major Tracks

Don't see a course you like? Contact us about course requests and 1:1 classes.

Business and Finance

Core Courses:

  • Composition I

  • Composition II*

  • Microeconomics

  • Macroeconomics*

  • Calculus I


Elective Courses**:

  • Financial Accounting

  • Managerial Accounting*

  • Statistics

  • Psychology

  • Sociology

Humanities and Social Science

Core Courses:

  • Composition I

  • Composition II

  • Psychology

  • Sociology

  • Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry OR Calculus I


Elective Courses:

  • Microeconomics

  • Macroeconomics 

  • History of Western Art II

  • Foundations of Human Communication, Culture and Society

  • Human Geography

Math, Science, and Pre-Med

Core Courses:

  • Composition I

  • Composition II

  • Calculus I

  • Biology I

  • Chemistry I w/ Lab


Elective Courses:

  • Biology II*

  • Calculus II*

  • Psychology

  • Chemistry II w/ Lab*

  • Physics I w/ Lab

  • Statistics

Engineering and Computing

Core Courses:

  • Composition I

  • Composition II

  • Calculus I

  • Calculus II

  • Physics I w/ Lab


Elective Courses:

  • Physics II w/ Lab*

  • Chemistry I w/ Lab

  • Statistics

  • Intro to Computer Science

  • Intro to Software Development

Arts, Design, and Architecture

Core Courses:

  • Composition I

  • Composition II

  • Systems of Drawing

  • Digital 2D

  • Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry OR Calculus I


Elective Courses:

  • Psychology

  • Public Speaking

  • History of Western Art II

  • Visual Language

  • Foundations of Human Communication, Culture, and Society

*Some courses are sequence courses. You must complete the prerequisite course in order to enroll in these courses.

**Each track can select 3-5 Elective Courses. 

Explorer-ACCP Instructors

*The following is not a complete list of our instructors.


Maureen Carter


Mrs. Carter received her bachelor's degree from St. Mary of the Woods in Indiana and her master's degree from Nova Southeastern University and Ashland University. Mrs. Carter has served as an adjunct instructor in universities across the US, and she has also led several teacher workshops on topics such as using primary source documents in instruction to critically engage students. In her classes, Mrs. Carter uses a wide variety of primary source documents and film clips to analyze periods of history and take a critical look at how people lived. She looks forward to welcoming students to her classes and hopes that they will enjoy the journey of history as much she does.

amanda morgan.png

Amanda Morgan


Ms. Morgan is an experienced science instructor. In her career, she has taught many courses including High School Biology, AP and College Biology, Zoology, High School Chemistry,  AP and College Chemistry, and High School Physical Science. Ms. Morgan has two master's degrees and has obtained teaching licenses in both Oregon and Mississippi. She prefers a hands-on teaching style based on practical applications of the material. Ms. Morgan looks forward to getting to know her students and learning with them. 


Brendan Praniewicz

English and Communications

Mr. Praniewicz is an English and Creative Writing instructor at Mesa Community College with over 12 years of teaching experience in-person and online. He obtained his bachelor's and master’s degrees from San Diego State University and has taught students of varying English levels. In addition to teaching, Mr. Praniewicz is a published author of several short stories and is currently writing a book. In 2017, he received the Teaching Excellence Award for his work as an instructor at Grossmont College. When he is not teaching, Mr. Praniewicz is a writer, musician, stand-up comedian, photographer, and world traveler.

Dr. Suzanne Magargee.jfif

Suzanne Magargee

Mathematics and Statistics

Dr. Magargee has dedicated nearly 24 years to becoming an expert in STEM teaching and curriculum development. She possesses the expertise and creativity required to lead a new generation of students who are learning entirely online. In her classes, Dr. Magargee uses a variety of traditional and digital learning tools, tailoring content and pedagogy to meet the unique needs of each student. She says her students are a joy to work with and she deeply respects both their commitment to education and their sense of personal responsibility. She is proud and humbled to be the guide for so many exceptional students.

Rachel Jennings .jpg

Rachel Jennings

Fine Arts and Art History

Ms. Jennings has over 12 years of art education experience teaching students from middle school to college level. She has taught various courses such as Drawing, Painting, 2D Design, Graphic Design, Art History, and more. Ms. Jennings has held several exhibitions throughout her career as well. With a bachelor's degree in Art Education and a master's degree in Visual Arts and Media, Ms. Jennings possesses a depth of knowledge that elevates every class she teaches. 

Samirah Merritt.png

Samirah Merritt

Economics and Accounting

Dr. Samirah Merritt is a business professor from Florida with a passion for education and ample experience teaching college courses in business. In addition to having a doctorate in Business Administration, Dr. Merritt is currently pursuing an additional degree in healthcare information systems to further her knowledge of medical record functions. Dr. Merritt is a life-long learner and the mother to one son who recently graduated from high school. An interesting fact about Dr. Merritt is that her hobbies include running marathons, fitness, and traveling. Dr. Merritt looks forward to working with students and welcomes you to her class.

Charna Iommetti.png

Charna Iommetti

Psychology and Sociology

Dr. Iommetti holds three master's degrees: Reading Education, Psychology, and Sociology, as well as a Ph.D. in Social Psychology. She has extensive teaching experience and is TESOL certified. She has taught overseas, so she understands the characteristics of ELL students and is well-versed in the teaching styles that will ensure their success. Dr. Iommetti believes that learning can be interesting and the best way to learn is through practice. She hopes that all students can make continuous progress in her classes. She is more than happy to answer students' questions and looks forward to seeing students in her class soon.

Alexandre Pinheiro.png

Alexandre Pinheiro

Physics and Computer Science

Dr. Pinheiro is an experienced physics and computer science teacher with an outstanding teaching ability and distinctive characteristics. More than ten years of teaching experience has enabled him to help students master obscure scientific theorems, transforming the concepts that they learn in books into knowledge they can use. Dr. Pinheiro adopts teaching methods according to the aptitude and level of his students, building their confidence and enabling them to succeed in their studies.

Josh St. Louis.png

Joshua St. Louis

Political Science

Mr. St. Louis has taught social studies for five years and has been tutoring for almost ten years. Mr. St. Louis started his career in education as an SAT/ACT tutor, and he most enjoys helping students reach their full potential. As a social studies teacher, he leads students in historical investigations and debates that encourage them to think critically about historical topics. He holds two master's degrees: an M.A. in political science from GMU and an M.Ed. in Teaching from the University of Maryland. He lives in Dulles, VA with his wife and dog Luke. He is excited to work with students and looks forward to challenging them while they learn to think critically about history and politics.


1170 Old Henderson Rd. Suite 208 Columbus, OH 43220, USA
+1 614-553-8513

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